Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out

No sir!

I loved the carriage stuff in Syndicate, too. :-/

And yeah, the grapple gun was a handy thing to have. But I love the fact that in Odyssey you can basically scale anything. There are virtually no obstacles in the game that cannot be climbed over. When I first arrived in Athens, I was like, “Let’s get to the top of the Acropolis, and screw the Propylaia!” – and then just flung myself unto the rock face and climbed straight up.

I do not recommend doing that in real life.

As the series has gone on they’ve smoothed both the skill and mishap from traversal. Parkour is like a really involved walking animation now.

For people like me–PC gamers, mouse and keyboard, not very skilled/experienced with traditional fighters/action games like the big console hits–Odyssey hits a real sweet spot (I bought Origins on super duper Steam sale as well, for whenever I get around to it). I can actually climb stuff, jump, and fight, without looking like a complete imbecile. And given that I spent most of my time in Kingdom Come: Deliverance just roaming the countryside, roaming around ancient Greece is quite satisfying. Well, except for the unnaturally aggressive and stupidly numerous wolves. If Greece had had that many wolves, we’d never have had Plato. He’d have been eaten.

TheWombat if you don’t mind me asking – how do you set up your mouse/kb in this game? I’ve played with a controller but I would prefer to play mouse/keyboard.

I probably need to ask LK this as well.

Never mind the wolves - how about the Lynx!?

Being smaller cats I’d have though them somewhat timid around humans, but no… so savage. Chase my horse for miles for the crime of passing nearby. :)

I just leave it at the default controls, in this case. They seem to work fine, though for the life of me the “F” key does not make my silly eagle harass anyone.

Haven’t run into them yet (though I did almost get killed by a boar 20+ levels higher than I was). I did accidentally stomp someone while trying to loot a weapon rack, forcing me to finish the job by running him through. Oops.

Ikaros might need an upgrade before he’ll harass on command. You get a button prompt above the target when it’s an option.

I dislike that I can’t see how many points I’ve synchronized/have yet to find with Ikaros. What level is my bird?

You can find that info on your abilities screen. It’s in the bottom row of skills, near the middle. It’ll at least tell you how many viewpoints you need to synchronize to level up Ikaros.

Really? Thanks I’ll have to check it out later tonight.

Yeah, I finally figured it out when I actually, um, paid attention to the stuff the game was trying to tell me :).

But wow, there is so much stuff here. Main quest, side quests, mercenaries, cultists, war…sheesh. Though I will say I am constantly, and chronically, running out of resources, so I spend a lot of time harvesting. And apparently, in Greece, olive trees and clumps of iron grow together, who knew?

If you go to the mountainous areas with very little growth there is a ton of iron and no trees :)

Wish I could launch the spear at iron deposits on cave walls to cause it to drop, so I don’t have to climb all over the inside of every cave I find.

If you bought this originally from Uplay and not on steam then you can pick up the season pass through amazon for $20. If you have it through steam then it is currently $20 there as well.

I can’t find it, got a link?

This is the one I bought earlier and it worked:

Lk are you mouse and kb? I may try that again… I want to see that Atlantis DLC.

AC are you playing this? Gosh that is pretty nice.

(I forgot that tomorrow was a holiday until my staff said they weren’t coming in so here I am)

A friend of mine sent me pics he took just this past week or so in Greece and some of the Aegean islands. It’s amazing how much the game looks like, well, Greece!