Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out

Yeah, I finally figured it out when I actually, um, paid attention to the stuff the game was trying to tell me :).

But wow, there is so much stuff here. Main quest, side quests, mercenaries, cultists, war…sheesh. Though I will say I am constantly, and chronically, running out of resources, so I spend a lot of time harvesting. And apparently, in Greece, olive trees and clumps of iron grow together, who knew?

If you go to the mountainous areas with very little growth there is a ton of iron and no trees :)

Wish I could launch the spear at iron deposits on cave walls to cause it to drop, so I don’t have to climb all over the inside of every cave I find.

If you bought this originally from Uplay and not on steam then you can pick up the season pass through amazon for $20. If you have it through steam then it is currently $20 there as well.

I can’t find it, got a link?

This is the one I bought earlier and it worked:

Lk are you mouse and kb? I may try that again… I want to see that Atlantis DLC.

AC are you playing this? Gosh that is pretty nice.

(I forgot that tomorrow was a holiday until my staff said they weren’t coming in so here I am)

A friend of mine sent me pics he took just this past week or so in Greece and some of the Aegean islands. It’s amazing how much the game looks like, well, Greece!

TW it is unbelievable graphics-wise…and it is HUGE. As open world games go, this may be the Kassandra Queen.

Controller, I barely use arrows so no need to aim. Arrows seem so much worse in this compared to Origins.

Arrows are pretty amazing in this game. My Kassandra is primarily an archer. She’s deadly.

And the arrow-play is so damned satisfying.

But if you spec more towards the hunter , then sword fighting feels weak. :|

Not unless you’re really bad at speccing your character.

You don’t need to spend a ton of points in the Hunter line. Gear multipliers do wonders here, because hunter headshots are so damage-heavy, and an extended quest line gives you a terrific legendary bow early that I found was worth my while to keep upgraded throughout.

So…gear for Hunter, spec for warrior, and keep enough points in assassin to be effective enough at that.


I miss throwing knives with ridiculous range and insta kill damage.

Wait – you are using the controller? Sigh. The universe may end…

Hey peeps, what are the CPU/GPU (SSD or HD?) of what you’re running Odyssey on?

Yep still getting the constant pausing in bullet time where camera can still be moved when frame limiter 30fps is off.

After hate-playing BioWare’s Anthem for the last 2 months, returning to Odyssey was joyful. I just made it to Elysium with Kassandra.

(some DLC spoilers:)

Kassandra is a boss. Not to be too over-enthusiastic, because yeah, there are a lot of repeated lines and hokey head-scratching quests and stuff, but she really is very fully developed and, well, human. Watching the animations and listening to her voice as she handles some pretty intense dialog is a master class in how this sort of thing should be done. I don’t know how much Ubi spent on this thing, but clearly they got their Euro’s worth.

Chugging along with this, just upgraded the spear for the 3rd time.

Around level 23 now and just returned to Athens, the story sure felt like it was dragging between levels 18 and now. But shit seems to have hit the fan so I am pretty excited to see where this goes now.