Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out

They did in AC2/Brotherhood. I mean, you kill the pope. Maybe AC1 as well, though I can’t remember that game’s plot very well.

Uh, no you don’t. You beat him up pretty good, but you leave him alive. And when that character does die later, it’s neither by your hand, or while he is still pope.

They involve some historical figures, and the sort of idea of the Church, sure. The whole precursor thing, though, undermines Christian theology pretty intensely. When dealing with the Greeks, they flat-out say the Greek gods were, mostly, Isu. I don’t see them saying Jesus was…

Well, no, at least I don’t think so. I’ll be honest I tend to rush through the precursor/future bits. But they do explicitly rule out the Abrahamic creation myth.

The early AC games already have glyphs and database entries explaining that Jesus was a normal guy who had Isu/Precursor technology.

Also, Satan is a large cylinder of goo locked in a church basement.

There’s some pretty funny stuff in this game. Sometime it mocks its own conventions.

I just got to a certain synchronization point where another NPC jumped off before me,and I get ready to follow him. A guy comes running up, screaming at me not to jump, too many people are doing it, now he has to get some more hay, LOL!

Then there’s a synch point on a dead tree branch were I am surrounded by wolves when I fast travel there. So the choice is to fight the wolves or jump. I don’t care to fight them so I jump. When you fall to the hay pile, if you look around you see a bunch of bodies scattered in and around the hay, all smashed from the fall. Apparently they too got trapped by the wolves, by they aren’t assassins so it didn’t turn out well for them!

When you play Atlantis, how can you access your stash. I’m assuming you no longer have access to your ship and your stash, so how can you get different items if you need them? Thanks.

I think you can just port from Atlantis to the “real world” from the map. I recall there is a way to do that.

There’s an interesting thing going on with the story in the game and how it is linked to history.


The game takes place during the Peloponnesian War between factions led by Sparta and Athens. In the game we see that the opposing sides are being manipulated by two groups. One group, the Kult of Kosmos, has people in powerful positions throughout the Greek world, manipulating the various city states, including both Athens and Sparta. They sell weapons and ships to both sides, and generally profit off the war and it’s miseries. But the misery they inflict is to a purpose - they want to unite the fractious Greek world under their control. The Kult has even placed its own members as the leaders of both opposing sides. You also see that the leader of the Kult has also promised victory to both leaders while she plots to take total control of the Greek world, so the Kult leader is manipulating her own members.

In addition to the Kult, in the first DLC, The First Blade, you also learn that there is another mysterious group working behind the scenes, the Ancient Order supporting Sparta with money and weapons. Their resources are backed by the Persian Empire and are almost inexhaustible they claim. And their goal is much bigger than just the Greek world they say.

Now we know that historically Sparta won the war. Yet early on we are encouraged to pick sides or play both sides if we want. But you can pick a side - but even if you do it is irrelevant - Sparta wins the war in the end, though that is not shown in the game - we just know this from history.

Historically we also know that Sparta received large sums of money from Persia to fund the development of a navy that could be the maritime minded Athenians. So in the end, the game explains why none of our efforts matter. You can try and take territories for Athens if you want, sink Spartan ships, do everything to win the war for Athens. It just won’t matter because the Order through Persia will support Sparta with whatever they need to win.

So to me it is interesting how the game links history to the story it is telling.

Nearing 40 hours in and the story is just not doing anything for me right now. I just finished the Judge Jury and Executioner mission, and I couldn’t save the guy because a quest choice hours ago that I didn’t think would have any impact the way it did here. I shelved this for a few weeks after feeling I wasn’t making any meaningful progress and that feeling sadly hasn’t gone away.

I might shelve this for awhile, I just can’t take another fort infiltration to kill some dude.

I am starting to think that this is my least favorite AC game. :(

Yeah, I think how much you like this game (and Origins) is very much based on how you enjoy (or don’t) the repetitive nature of the game. Personally, I love it - I don’t care how many forts I have to infiltrate, and whether it’s for a purpose (mission) or just to clear it off the map - it’s a great time for me. But I get that it’s not everybody’s thing.

To that end, there are two skills introduced with DLC updates that are game changes. In origins, it’s the one that auto-applies Flesh Decay to victims of one of the archer skills (costs an adrenaline segment, but it’s worth it - shoot into a crowd, and let everybody who investigates kill themselves - it’s a fort-clearing easy button). In this game, it’s the one where the body disappears if you assassinate someone. Not quite as good, but still makes a huge impact.

It’s the age-old tension between narrative driven and emergent or player-driven experience, in some ways. Either the quests and main story line serve mostly as ways to structure your self created narrative, or they guide you through a designer crafted story where the game has its emphasis. For me, Odyssey gets the balance just right. For others, not so much.

I’m working my way through the final expansion, and boy am I tired of Layla Hassan. Basically throughout all of the Atlantis-related stuff in the game, she’s a whiny, impetuous asshole. Her and the doctor arguing with one another just becomes unbearably annoying.

The DLC’s themselves are alright - if a bit same-y in the sense of lots of re-used mechanics (ie. those light beam towers). I don’t really understand why any of the choices I make within them are supposed to matter, because the game is making it expressly clear that these are basically training simulations.

Every time I play one, I mostly think about the time they spent creating all of the new assets and map, and wonder if that time wouldn’t have been better spent simply expanding the main map with new landmasses. Apparently Alethia really like’s her small circle-shaped realms though, so here we are.

Man, forts are the best part of the game! I love them.

She was terrible in Origins and I was really sad to see they brought her back. Fortunately, my interactions with her so far have been pretty minimal after 74h. Once when you start the game, once when Kassandra discovers the first Precursor bullshit thingy and Layla wakes up, and the third and final time was when she had to swim to the entrance of Atlantis. When she woke up after Kassandra found the Precursor bullshit, the doc says she needs to take a break, but I actually turned right around and put Layla right back into the Animus, secretly hoping the stress would cause her to stroke out.

If you read her journals in Origins she’s a total asshole. During her “Reddit AMA” she makes some bullshit claim, a Redditor responds, “Pics or it didn’t happen” and Layla… refuses to post pics. Hey Layla? That makes you a shitty person. She also uses… hashtags… in her personal memos. Personal. Memos. #sorrynotsorry

I fucking hate her.

I finished Origins at 68h with a 93% completion. In Odyssey I’m at 74h and 68%. Overall I think Odyssey is the better game. Some of that, but not all of it, is Kassandra’s ass is a lot more enjoyable to stare out for 100 hours than Bayek’s. I’m disappointed that because Bayek founded the Assassin Order ~400 years later, Kassandra is not and will never be an Assassin. Just “Misthios.” Boooring.

Origins takes place after Odyssey, unless I read your post wrong and you were saying that.

Cleopatra/Casear was around 40 BCE and Perecles was around 400 BCE, thus Odyssey takes place around 350~ years before Origins.

Edit: I just reread it and that’s what you were saying. I take “misthios” to mean “mercenary”.

This definitely sounds like something the Assassins Creed writers would think was cool. There’s a few occasions in the Atlantis DLC where Alethia and Layla (mostly Layla) refer to each other unironically as “rebels”, which similarly made me want to gag. I half expected there to be final credits with a Rage Against the Machine song.

Anyway, I’d love to go into more detail about the shitty things Layla says and does, but I don’t want to spoil anything for others.

That…wouldn’t be so bad, really. I mean, as these things go.

I appreciate RATM as a band, but in the context of a video game where people unironically call themselves “rebels”, you have to admit it would elicit an eye roll from you.

It’d be especially funny from a publisher that goes to great pains to assure people that none of their games are “political”.

Man, I just randomly came upon the “entrance to the underworld” cave. What a creepy place. And also some elite enemy kicked my ass down there.

Also came opon a volcano. The lava underground is the most realistic and cool I’ve ever seen in a videogame. It’s pahoeoe on the surface with liquid lava underneath, with bubbles popping. So cool.