Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out



The buzz from those who got to play the timed demo for media purposes has been VERY strong.

I’m hyped, lasses and lads!


October is going to be a blast between Odyssey and RDR2.


Oh I am in so much I bought a new dell. I can’t wait! Cassandra will kick your ass gentlemen!


BTW, the vibe I get from this game is…forget it’s Assassin’s Creed.

Take it as a narrative-rich action rpg set in Ancient Greece.

The most negative impressions I’ve seen involve reviewers who throw out terms like “Animus tech” and discuss the motives of Abstergo at length and what aspects of Odyssey “break canon”.

I mean, I do like the modern story tie-ins with AC games, but it’s more of a side amusement than the reason I ever play. And so if this game needs to bust some of that up to give me what I really want – running around the Peloponnese and sailing through the Greek isles in a trireme – well, let’s break those eggs.


My vibe is its an open world ancient greek rpg. Probably be my all time favorite wish list game. I think its around the Peloponnesian war. I need to look it up again to be sure.


Could have said the same thing about Black Flag before its release. I mean, they eventually tied it in, but for the most part, it’s a simulator.

If this is as good as that was, we’re in good shape.


IGN Live Stream - Supposedly no Story Spoilers

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Exploring the Beautiful Open World of Ancient Greece - IGN Plays Live

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Join us as we take a tour of Ancient Greece in this early look at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on today’s IGN Plays Live. The stream starts at 1PM PST.

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Free stuff!


Sweet, thanks for the heads up on that. I still haven’t pre-ordered it yet, was hoping for a better GMG discount than 15%.

Speaking of, if anyone knows of a good pre-order price for this game please speak up.


If you were having doubts about the stealth in Odyssey, have I got a video for you.


It’s spoilery, a little. I have no doubt that this is just one of many such camps existing in the game. I don’t think there’s anything particularly unique about this one. But…if you were wondering is stealth was a legit gameplay style, let Kassandra help you out:


So apparently today the embargo went up on some footage. People can show only sidequests, nothing to do with story. They can’t even really talk about story…

…except Gamespot’s reviewer just said “It’s really good, that’s about all I can say.”

No spoilers there, just Alexios standing on a beach with a bird in his hand, staring at the sea
Staring at the sand.

Love me a day/night cycle. And that skybox is amazing.


The water to me stands out, mostly from the view of the ship. Beautiful looking game.


My Cassandra will not stealth!

(unless she needs to)


So without being spoilery on the story, here’s what I’ve discerned will be in the game so far. Feel free to add to the list on stuff I’ve missed:

  1. Naval combat + exploration
  2. “Conquest battles” that are sort of like a fleshed-out version of when you board other ships in Pirates. You gotta keep killing dudes and knocking morale down before your side’s morale drops to zero.
  3. A nemesis system like in the Mordor games. Named mercenaries hunt you down as bounty hunters.
  4. Story choices with real in-game consequences. Areas of gray where decisions are difficult, a la Witcher series
  5. Organic day/night cycles continue, just as in Origins
  6. Skill trees for stealth, combat heavy, and ranged/hunting approaches
  7. Level cap is apparently 50
  8. Hilariously huge world. The Gamespot reviewer said he was showing a save 15 hours into the game, and he’d explored this teensy area of the map.


A dream come true. I think my Cassandra will be Athenian. Democracy and all. Except the Ateneans were sorta jerks in the Peloponnesian war.


Umm, I still have legit doubts about the stealth gameplay style after watching that.

She killed one person with an arrow, and then ran around in open sight burning things.

Having just finished playing Origins, I frankly could not tell a difference between the games.



It basically fixes some of the little problems I had with the Origins combat, keeps the stealth from Origins working the way it had worked.

And if you’re going to tell me that this stealth system is some great departure from previous Assassin’s Creeds because of burning things, I’m going to just start looping videos of burning towers in Brotherhood…


No, I’m just saying, the video that was given really doesn’t show any stealth. It’s a dude being killed with an arrow in the first five seconds, then just her running around a camp torching everything in open sight.

I just thought it was funny that it was an example that stealth was still viable, but the example given had next to no stealth.


She’s crouched almost throughout, and sneaking from stealth area to stealth area, hiding bodies, maintaining concealment, etc. The entire video – until she’s stealth-killed (there’s that word again!) a good number of the guards in the camp, is her in stealth. Maybe 2/3rds of it.


Same issue with Origins, night time in this is not dark enough. :(