Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out


“meaning and sense of accomplishment”

I think the author of that complaint piece is working in the wrong domain. Or I am. I never feel a sense of meaning or accomplishment in games. I certainly feel the potential of them when I’m in the flow, but a moment of meaning or accomplishment is a cadenza that breaks my immersion. It points out to real life, where accomplishment is more tangible. What I love about games like this is how all the systems and environments groove me into “play”, and resist metacognitive states. I really don’t want an “end” from Odyssey, just a continuous crest of present pleasure.




So a couple of things I noticed today…

  1. Leveling of the enemies - they’re not fixed like they were in Origins. The enemy levels will always be the lowest of either your current level, or the max level for the area you are currently in. So if you first visit Phokis (9-13) as level 10, the enemies will keep up with you until you’re level 13, then they’ll stay there. If you visit Euboes (12-16) for the first time at level 19 (as I did), then you’ll always have level 16 enemies (aside from other Mercenaries).

  2. I don’t think Origins did this, but you definitely get a damage bonus from arrows if you are above (and maybe at the same height) as what you’re shooting at. If you can’t get a clean headshot, see if you can get one from higher. I saw that this was an engraving bonus, but it seems to be true even without it, and height advantage engravings just give you more of a bonus.

Hadn’t seen those mentioned, so thought I’d throw them out there.


Oh I was wondering how that worked. I like some sort of level-scaling in games, but I don’t like the heavy-handed Oblivion approach of “everything is always your level!”. I noticed levels of previously visited areas raising and I was hoping I wouldn’t end up with a homogenized map of everything being within 2 levels of mine. I like having a dynamic difficulty level I can set on the fly by choosing where to spend my time. I also like having areas of the map "off limits’ until I can work my way up to them.



That’s interesting because up until now I thought that they’d just nerfed ranged (hunter) damage and I’d been avoiding bows. I had noticed that bows seemed much less effective than in Origins.


I actually hardly use the bow. Fact is I am terrible at this combat and tend to flail around relying on my strategic thing re:gear and weapons etc. I think that’s the rpg in me. I think I actually parried today. I shoulda got a chievo for that.


Three hours in and I’m still on the first little island. I guess I’m actually enjoying this game?


Hey @BiggerBoat, patch 1.0.3 hit today and that bug was fixed. Launches just fine for me, now, anyway.


I think they should have made party just the LB instead of LB+RB. I miss a parry all the time for some reason having to hit both buttons. I mean, to select a special mode for melee, you have to hold LB in anyway, so a tap of the LB being parry should work fine.


Take your time RH. I think I spent 10 hours on the first island.

(ok maybe 12)


Cheers. Thanks for letting me know.


12 hours on Tutorial Island? What are you guys doing on it? There’s only a limited number of things to do, unless you’re doing randomised quests I suppose. Still, I think it took me about 6hrs. Possibly the longest time-to-title in an AC game yet. I remember AC Unity taking ages.


More importantly, when you turn off Hints and Tips they stay off now!

Although ‘Hold B to Dive’ is above all law.


Apparently hunter is absurdly broken(ly OP) at higher levels. Oneshots of almost everything.


I’m level 11 and one shotting a lot of soldiers/animals. Love it.

I find Rain from Above making killing enemies at locations pretty easy. Just hide in a bush close to the location, use Rain from Above…they will get hit and start looking for you but they rarely find me and I just use Rain over and over till they are dead or mostly dead. Feels almost like cheating.


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Here is an interview with both voice actors and they are awesome people



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Ug I am so bad at linking. Can someone just pst Tom that video above with the ass creed voice actors?


BTW they are very good.