Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out


I actually hardly use the bow. Fact is I am terrible at this combat and tend to flail around relying on my strategic thing re:gear and weapons etc. I think that’s the rpg in me. I think I actually parried today. I shoulda got a chievo for that.


Three hours in and I’m still on the first little island. I guess I’m actually enjoying this game?


Hey @BiggerBoat, patch 1.0.3 hit today and that bug was fixed. Launches just fine for me, now, anyway.


I think they should have made party just the LB instead of LB+RB. I miss a parry all the time for some reason having to hit both buttons. I mean, to select a special mode for melee, you have to hold LB in anyway, so a tap of the LB being parry should work fine.


Take your time RH. I think I spent 10 hours on the first island.

(ok maybe 12)


Cheers. Thanks for letting me know.


12 hours on Tutorial Island? What are you guys doing on it? There’s only a limited number of things to do, unless you’re doing randomised quests I suppose. Still, I think it took me about 6hrs. Possibly the longest time-to-title in an AC game yet. I remember AC Unity taking ages.


More importantly, when you turn off Hints and Tips they stay off now!

Although ‘Hold B to Dive’ is above all law.


Apparently hunter is absurdly broken(ly OP) at higher levels. Oneshots of almost everything.


I’m level 11 and one shotting a lot of soldiers/animals. Love it.

I find Rain from Above making killing enemies at locations pretty easy. Just hide in a bush close to the location, use Rain from Above…they will get hit and start looking for you but they rarely find me and I just use Rain over and over till they are dead or mostly dead. Feels almost like cheating.


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Here is an interview with both voice actors and they are awesome people



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Ug I am so bad at linking. Can someone just pst Tom that video above with the ass creed voice actors?


BTW they are very good.


If you want to ping someone, use the @ symbol and then start typing their name. It will auto-fill in the rest.




Ty Scott Tom asked me something specific and me as a crazy had no idea how to link it. I think I managed though. Ty Scott.



By the way, from that interview, it sounds like they mo-capped both actors separately, which is something Tom was wondering about.


Hey I am just glad I got the voice actors to be here …. I have no idea how to link or be smart with whatever stuff. I have a different skill set.


To be super crazy honest --she looks a lot like Kassandra. K has less makeup and sure she is – uh – more solid (she will kill you) … but… they do resemble each other.


If anyone was thinking about getting the XP boost. My opinion after more than eight hours with it, is to not bother. If you’re enjoying the game you’re going to end up doing enough extra stuff to level up and progress the main story without any ‘grinding’.

So far the game is decent. I’m a little confused about the logic of when Spartans and Athenians are hostile or passive. I just randomly seem to get attacked by them.

Also, after playing this game through a streaming service, I have to say I was completely wrong about game steaming not working for action games. It’s almost impossible to tell it’s not running on my computer.