Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out


Enidigm I wish I could figure out how to get those great myth/history lessons back in Wrath of Sparta. I am working on it. I agree that added some strange depth. I even wish they did that with the fake world Warhammer.


I do really like this game. But a few things turn me off and I will list them:

1 – Even on exploration mode I get a TON of map icons. I get that you kind of need to know a BIT about the special areas but sweet mercy, I wish I could just turn all the gamey stuff off.

2 – There are some repeat and rinse stuff per "fort’ or per “house” that sorta drags. You can get around that by just progressing in the main game and then moving on. OC people ? not too easy on you…

3-- No shield.

4-- I am trying to “synch” on the top of a tree in 60 pounds of armor. It is clear this is a residue of old ac games where you were Batman. Kassandra is NOT Batman – she is a strong, wonderful woman. Seeing her perched on a steeple for Apollo in full bronze makes no sense.

5-- Swimming? See above – c’mon.

6 – It isn’t a rpg. It is I think an ac game which is it’s own genre. I intend to carry on because it has moments of absolute brilliance and it is open world.

I wonder though after seeing the brilliance of an ow game like this that Bethesda (for example) could even come close?


These are all great points Kristi, I think I agree with them all.

I will say, regarding points 1 and 2, you can turn of enough UI, and the icons in the main map, to the point that you simply will not see any of that stuff. So far I’ve only been doing the things I want to do and it’s been great. I find that not having an icon constantly bugging me makes it really easy to ignore things, even if I’m staring right at them. There is a slight problem with this, in that not all the quest descriptions give you enough information to complete them with out the icons, but I don’t mind.

Just hit level 16 and am still enjoying just wandering around the world as Kassandra.


Me too RH I actually love it. The warm golden Greek sun as I kill me enemies makes me keep coming back.

I am learning to move on on non-important quests occasionally.


There’s an option to have no icons at all.


I wish it where possible to disable the prompts “use ikarus to find the objetive”. Is too intrusive to the point is impossible to ignore.

Ikarus is way too powerful. Can see people even deep underground.


You can opt not to use it and rely on sighting with your bow.


You can disable the prompt to use lkaros with the Show Hints and Tips HUD option.


I haven’t bought this game yet, but I’m wondering-- in the Ezio trilogy I preferred to have Italian VA with English subtitles (partly because the accents of a couple of characters in the English VA were egregious) – is Greek VA with English subs an option in Odyssey?


Don’t know, but if you did that you’d be missing out on the Kassandra voice work and that would be a shame.


Oh, I thought that she spoke Greek well enough that she’d also done the Greek voice acting for that role (I know the actress is Canadian of Greek background, and saw some of that interview linked above. In it she seemed to pronounce the Greek words authentically, but I realize that that doesn’t necessarily mean she speaks Greek).


Malaka! Papageno? If you start playing lets us crazy English speakers know how authentic the language is. BTW Kassandra says “malaka” quiet a bit… But seriously I think everyone would like to know how the language works here.

I played 3-4 hours today and decided to just do what I wanted. Yeah it was very fun. Ancient Greece may be the most realized open world environment ever created. Too bad there are gamey parts that make you come out.


So I’m seventeen hours in, and I have found a huge problem. It doesn’t seem possible to enter photo mode in conversations! Sad.


Malaka! My Kassandra has a lot more armour. A lot less attitude.


Yeah, that’s the only purple armour I’ve found so far. Probably need to spend less time riding around and more time doing quests or something.



I don’t think Greek is a supported language. The bigger European languages and some Asian ones I think, from memory.


Ah, OK. I did look up the voice actress on IMDB and it looks like she must speak Greek, at least enough to be in a Greek-language TV movie.

And @KristiGaines, I don’t speak or understand Greek at all, unfortunately (apart from the words for yes and no… ne and óxi ?). With the Ezio trilogy, I could make out the words the characters were saying in Italian with the help of the subtitles and the fact that I grew up bilingual in Spanish, plus had studied about two terms of 1st year college Italian. It was pretty cool (plus I didn’t have to hear Uncle Mario’s terrible fake Italian accent).


A friend of mine, Roel Konijnendijk, did an AMA on Reddit (AskHistorians – he’s a moderator there) about the Peloponnesian War that people interested in the game might want to check out.


Drats Papa! Well anyways. For some reason I am saying malaka a lot in real life. And I am not sure that’s a great idea considering ……