Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out



Magical gene memory. There’s no room in the genome or even in cytoplasm for memory, and moreover it’s obvious that there’s no mechanism for encoding memories in cells. Both Dune and AC are ostensibly science fiction, and both feature this magic capability.


When I play an Ubigame I do have a sense that I’ve seen these things before somewhere, the same but different… you mean that’s not gene memory? I think it must be.


I am certainly not a geneticist but wasn’t there a recent study that showed some memory or – something --was being passed on? I may look for it and link.


How fun is it to reverse swan dive off of the fast-travel high points, eh?

A question about engravings. Some engravings will let you put the same one on a lot of pieces of armor and/or weapons (melee (warrior), bow (hunter)) so do they all stack?

Moreover, if it’s say, +8% Fire Damage and you have it on a sword, and a dagger AND a bow are you getting +24%or just +16% when you melee and +8% when you use the bow?


Have you swan dived into the pile of leaves?


At a certain point the game just turned falling damage off. My Kassandra just leaps off anything, rolls and gets up. The horse… not always so good.

Videogame just not giving a fuck and being a videogame-ass videogame. I love it.


Well you can’t die from falling. It is some ac thing. My K is a warrior and not some hooded assassin from some past game. I dunno.



This is the first AC game that you can’t die from falling. ;)


I think the latest update disabled fall damage. I definitely took damage when falling from high when I first started playing.


You stop taking falling damage at lvl 20.


yup, and that is hilariously videogamey and fun.


Yeah, if you open up your Ability screen, look at the abilities along the bottom. One of them affects how much falling damage you take. Also, if you haven’t looked down there, getting more synchronization points buffs your eagle.


I have to honestly say that the no falling damage was cool at first, but now it just annoys me because it instantly reminds me that I’m playing a game. I know. I know. Animus, superpowers, etc. I can’t help it. It just feels like it went too far.


Especially given falling is kind of a non-event, Kassandra clearly being Arachnewoman.


Spent 45 minutes or so last night clearing out a fort in all stealth (except for the commanders who i couldn’t stealth kill). Just so much fun skulking about the roofs, stabbing people in the neck and dragging their bodies out of sight. The only weird thing to me is that sometimes I don’t move a body, and I can watch a guard come inspect the body and be alarmed that it is there… but then after a couple minutes he just kind of shrugs his shoulders and goes back to his lookout, while standing over the dead body of his colleague. Like, they find a body, they should raise the alarm in the whole place imo.

I don’t know if this game will hold my attention for its full length - but it is really well made. Focusing on warrior with some assassin abilities right now.


I love sneaking around but some of the most fun I have had playing this game is when things go sideways. One minute, you are quietly robbing a fort blind and the next, you have a wanted level of 3 and you are being chased around by a band of mercenaries. Where in other stealth based games, I would feel compelled to reload at points like this, in Odyssey I let the whole chaotic series of events play out.


Yeah, those are little treasure hunt mini-quests that guide you to a location to find some loot. The check mark means you found it. You probably solved one of them by accident through exploration. I’ve been having fun with them except for the “dog guarding a moored ship” clue which I couldn’t figure out after wasting a lot of time searching.


Remember, there are some of us that like the modern day stuff. Sometimes it’s implementation isn’t all that great (Revelations, Unity), but I, at least, still like the modern day storyline.