Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out


Well what do you do with legendries anyways? I store them on my ship and I am maybe level 30 — say you have a ful set --how on earth could you upgrade them without cutting every tree down in Greece?


As you rise in rank in Mercenary, the upgrade cost for ship and weapon/armor decreases. I think you get blacksmith weapon/armor upgrade discount in Tier 3.

I didn’t really upgrade the armor until I got the upgrade perk from Mercenary, I normally just wear whatever fits my play style, mostly fitted with purple stuff. I just reach level 50, I still have not done much in story mode yet, mostly running around the Greece hunting cult members, just finished arena fights with my new legendary fire armor set, I engraved weapon damage became fire damage on the sword, plus whatever unique engraving for the armor like gain 2% health from damage, and -1 adrenaline for using overpower attack, etc, Now the fighting is mostly easy now, only have trouble when swamped, or fighting multiple mercenaries at once.


Good news for everyone that may have missed it. Ubi is adding a transmog type feature in an update this month. You’ll be able to use a visual customization menu to put the cosmetic look of any item on top of another item.


You should carry them with you unless you have the full set. Once you get a full set, all the items level up. I don’t believe this will happen if they are stored on the ship.


Man that’s a good idea. Some of the kit Kassandra finds is butt-ugly with huge bronze lions for shoulder pieces or not fit to go climbing in (I don’t mind Kassandra flashing her panties once in a while, but the amazon skirt is just too short).


If new armor effectively makes the armor I’m wearing better while still being level gated… Isn’t that the same as increasing armour amounts on level up? Too simple.


Happy to see they’re adding at least 20 more levels. I’m capped at 50 and sad.


If you swim next to whales you can hear whale song :)



I frequently rock the Amazon kit with Kassandra and I love taking pictures. All the time I’m cropping photos so they don’t seem ‘pervy’.


Fire Warrior Build:

Prometheus’ Sword (L): 15 Warrior, 20 Fire, 15 Fire Damage and Build & -1 Adrenaline Overpowered

Mallet of Flame (L): 15 Warrior, 20 Fire, Weapon Damage Becomes Fire Damage & 30 Elemental Damage (but -30 Elemental Resistance)

Hades’ Bow (L): 15 Warrior, 20 Fire, Basic Arrows become Fire Arrows & 25 Elites and Bosses

Full Amazon Set (L): (Full set grants +2% Damage Dealt Returned as Health)

Perk Totals:
ALL Damage 5
Warrior: 120 + ALL 5 = 125
Elemental: 30
Fire: 80 + 15 + 30 + 5 = 130
CRIT Damage 25, CRIT Chance 10, Adrenaline per Hit 15, Total Armor 30, ALL Resist 20 (offsets -30 to -10), Intoxicating and Weakening Effects 10, Elites and Bosses 25, Weapon Damage = Fire; Basic Arrows = Fire Arrows, Adrenaline Cost for Overpower -1

Health, Damage and Armor Totals:
Health: 58110
Hunter: 6713
Warrior: 8936 \ 8936
Assassin: 56182
Armor: 9740

My skills are still pretty spread out; mostly I open with Shield Break if needed, then Flame ON. It isn’t reflected in the Damage numbers for Warrior or anywhere else but Fire Damage is pretty OP in this build with the Intoxicate/Weaken, Weapon Damage = Fire, Fire Damage and Build Up and upward of +130% Fire Damage on top of +125% Warrior Damage or is that 255% Fire Damage?


Tom’s arrows --I mean archery is – well… I have some adjustments to make.


I don’t know, Kristi, hunter might be broken but that play style was kind of janky. I’m sticking to melee with assassin damage. Maybe I’ll make a video to try convince you.


RH I’d love that. I am going to experiment a bit today with daggers and bow. Some of the damage Tom did with the bow was crazy!

Btw I get that the scaling works here, but I am still annoyed by it. I think I was having a snack but I thought I overheard Tom saying he liked it last night. Can you recall his position on scaling in the game (levels and quests) and why? Also RH are you playing on hard or normal?

Finally I have trouble aiming with the bow with the controller so I dunno if I will go that way…


Why no mouse and keyboard, like nature intended?


LK! I think I might try m/kb again today. That would sure make the bow easier. Lotta keys to press with m/kb though.

Plus I use the arrow keys for movement. God only knows why I never got used to wasd. I may try mouse a few minutes.



Also news on AC3 remastered!


My odyssey is over. Such a great game, I’m sad to see it done. Definitely my favorite of the series, and my GOTY. I wonder where they will go from here, and if any future entries in the series will be able to match the joy I got from this one.


My prediction is Asia, assuming the broad format stays the same.

If it were me I would swap round a few other things.


Such as?