Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out

Yeah, I wondered about this too. I have t he Spartan set as my main stabby-stabby set, and the Athenian set (bow) on the alt, for shooty-shooty, but I rarely swap because, well, there’s no freakin’ hot key that I know of. Once I get the damn hat for the Demigod set though I will probably just run that by itself.

Yeah, it’s sort of cheaty in that who’s going to change armor in the middle of a battle, but you CAN do it by going to the menu screen, and it is allowed there. So they might as well make it easier on you or else gray out the option on the screen if you are inside an enemy cave/fortress/etc if they don’t want you to do it.

Rush Assassination if so OP. I used to be afraid of Mercenaries with beast companions but now I love them. I chain RA - attack the merc (badly wounds him/her), attack the beast (it dies), attack the merc again (he/she is now dead or about dead), only mopping up left, if necessary. Love this ability, but it is so OP.

It’s a single-player game, no such thing as OP! Well, it is a must-have ability, which you could argue makes some of the choices of abilities less interesting because you have to get this one, but you get so many ability points it’s really moot.

To make Rush Assassination work well late in the game though you do have to spec into it and have the right gear. The engraving that adds an additional target to the RA chain is, how do they say, my jam.

Still loving this game. Still need to mop up the Cult to finish the Demigod set, but am going through the First Blade stuff right now. Damn, this game has some freakin’ dark narrative and story telling. Very well done and dramatic, IMO, but still pretty damn dark.

Saw this over on RPS, apparently people love their subtitles in Ubi games.

I always use the subtitles because often I miss what people say, for various reasons.

I used to never play with subtitles, but now that I’m a dad, I play/watch everything with subtitles. You never know when the audio is going to be drowned out. In fact, it most often is.

Same here, but also because I have to turn the volume off on short notice sometimes.

I’ve been playing this game and enjoying it - alot - and just want to share some thoughts:

  1. I think many of the quests are very well done. Yeah, most are fetch and/or kill, but there’s always a story wrapped around them, some of them very funny, some sad, some poignant and bittersweet. I’ve laughed pretty hard at times and also had a tear in the corner of my eye at times.

  2. The game is a lot funnier than I thought it would be. The racket on Crete regarding a certain beast is hilarious, and some of Alexios’s response that you can give are funny also. At one point you have to share with some children a story of a Greek myth and it you haven’t refreshed your memory and tell the story wrong - well, let’s just say it doesn’t go well in a funny way. And anything with with Alkibiades is fun trouble.

  3. I played Alexios (yeah, I know Kass is the favorite) but I’ve really enjoyed his voice acting and he really has grown on me. I don’t regret choosing him at all. And the annoyed look he gets every so often is pretty funny.

  4. Early on I sucked at Conquest battles, fighting mercenaries and legendary beasts. I was putting conquest battles and legendary beasts on easy and still doing pretty badly. I was late in getting into the whole engravings thing and that didn’t help. And I really wasn’t using my powers every well. And I really wasn’t looking to maximize my armor/weapons in a proper way - learning curve I guess. But realizing I had to do better, I spent some time reading up and figuring stuff out and that really helped. Went back to normal difficulty and now in conquest battles, I go in and hunt the captains, rather than run from them, and I kick butt. I’ve killed all of the legendary beasts without much difficulty.

  5. The Greek Hero set is awesome. It blocks 30% of all damage. I also have an engraving that gives me a 20% chance to block 50% damage. That’s effectively another 10%. I rarely go below 50% health any more. I also have the option to add more to my defense but right now I’m weighing between that or increasing my offense.

  6. My favorite skilla are Overpower Attack (just got an engraving that reduces the adrenaline cost by 1) and Ring of Chaos (it is awesome when you are getting swarmed in Conquest battles), and Rush Assassination (can be chained up to 4 attacks in sequence - find a boss/champion and a minion, hit the boss first, then the minion, then come back the boss/champion if you didn’t kill him the first time). Spartan kick is great fighting on top of a tower (I once kicked about 5 guys one after the other after they chased me to the top of a fortress tower), and fighting on ships where you can kick bossed into the sea - but it is sort of situational. And the top tier or shield breaker is awesome if fighting one on one and it has a knockback effect also - but Ring of Chaos is better if you are swarmed.

  7. I love ship battles. Building/leveling up my ship was fun/interesting and I just love the combat - arrow/javelin attacks, ramming, boarding with my legendary lieutenants fighting by my side. It’s so much fun. This was done really well.

Overall, this is a very fun game and it is really huge, but so far it hasn’t gotten boring due to the quality of the quests. Really loving it.

Me too. Often, big, sprawling games lose me after a while, but this one is still fun. I’ve finished the main story, cleaned up the entire Cult of Kosmos, slaughtered the Order from one of the DLCs, and there are still tons of things left to do–I’m in the Atlantis DLC right now, traipsing through Elysium going after Persephone.

I am still trying to figure out which set to wear, though. I’m using the Demigod’s set (+30% to all ability damage) which is pretty damn good, but I want to fiddle around with the Pirate set (+50% to assassin damage) and the Agamemnon set (fire boost). Some of the others are fab too, like that Greek heroes set. I just don’t have the money to upgrade all of them to my current level (about 61 now I think).

The one grindy thing about the game is the upgrade cycle. I doubt I’ll hit whatever level cap they have, and the items and enemies level up with you, so eventually every few levels I find I have to upgrade to stay ahead of the power curve. But man, it’s EXPENSIVE. Materials I can get fairly easily; it’s the drachmae that vanish super fast.

They stealth increased the costs for and upgrading in Q2. I used a trainer even after buying the XP/Gold gain item to support the devs.

Heh, I had a quest go terribly wrong. There is a quest where the merchants are having problems with the local soldiery extorting them. One of the merchants asks you to mediate a dispute. You go there, talk to both sides, but no matter what the soldiers will attack you and the merchants, Well, I was swinging at the guards and hit someone in the crowd, so the local ;people get involved now, attacking me and the guards. There also happens to be a customs house nearby and those guards get involved. On top of that, 3 mercenaries show up because I had killed civilians and attacked guards in public. It was a massacre, maybe 18+ people lay dead when it was all over with. Needless to say, it wasn’t one of Eagle Bearer’s best moments :)

Heh, I’ve had a few of those. Especially when using a flaming weapon. Oops. Often I’ll reload, but sometimes I just go with the flow, and end up on top of a mound of skulls with a massive bounty on my head.

Then I fast travel to where the bounty sponsor is, and shank him. Presto, no bounty.

I misread shank as thank.

There’s a trick where you can lure mercenaries to “help” you fight tough battles as once they get tapped by AoE or stray shots they tend to hit the AI. Once like three Mercenaries cleaned a fort out for me.

OTOH a Mercenary randomly showed up in one of the game’s later and important narrative battles. It was already hard enough, and the merc wouldn’t focus on th guy, just me. Super super annoying as I’ve played on Hard the whole time and now I’m fighting really random high level mercy in a little area I’m stuck in at th same time.

Did the story questline, the Atlantis artifacts, killed all the cultists, and finally finished the legendary animals. Think I’m winding down. It’s a bigass game and it’s been quite a ride.

Well, my thanks tend to be delivered at the end of Leonidas’ spear.

Yes, you can hardly claim you don’t get your money’s worth, especially if you (like me) bought it as a Gold edition. The bang for the buck here is astonishing.

Oh, yeah, the first time I was in a cutscene (in-engine of course) and could see the mercenary hunting me walking up to us while the dialog was happening it freaked me out.

I then started clearing bounties before doing anything important…

The 3 mercenaries showed up in the middle of the fight which made it crazier - too late at that moment to do anything :)

Yeah, in those cases I’ve had to run like hell and get out of combat, then go kill the bounty guy. Of course, if you’re flush with cash, you can pay off your bounty pretty much in mid-combat and, magically, the mercenaries go non-aggro. I guess they got a text that their direct deposits went through.