Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out

OK, I got to the end of the Deimos storyline, which ended rather abruptly. I guess that’s the end of the game? I suppose I could go around taking out the last few Cult members, work my way to the top of the Mercenary tiers and/or fight another mythical creature to gain entrance to Atlantis, and maybe I will at some point, but I’m happy to take a break for now. Like all non-Rockstar open world games, it has devolved into busywork and I’d like to move on to other things. It once again makes me appreciate the genius of GTAV (and RDR2 to a lesser degree), which somehow consistently raises the stakes and remains fun and interesting until the very end.

The plot pacing in this game is pretty terrible. It doesn’t flow very well and often things happen that seem to be random. The battle between Sparta and Athens is a complete sideshow, so this whole mechanic where you can influence one side or the other is totally wasted. And you end up having zero investment in either side.

I got to the switch in character to Aya. I meant to go back, but got distracted.

I would call it less of a sideshow than that the Peloponnesian war is a backdrop to the game, but yes, the political map change stuff basically amounts to what color you want to paint the map. Which is perhaps what some real wars amount to, come to think of it…

Not even that, as the territories will switch sides on their own. So it’s impossible to get the world to be one color.

I would say this resolution is actually more important than the Deimos story.

I’d say finishing up the mythical creatures is even more important, given its ties to the overall narrative.

Does anyone else notice if the positional audio is bad with 5.1 speakers? I’ve been paying extra attention to the audio because I am considering changing my setup. I’m positioned in game with my back to the water and the lapping water sound is much louder coming out of the front speakers… Do I possible have something setup wrong?

I do have my default speakers set as 5.1 audio.

After stalling on my first attempt, I started again and am now level 25 and got to the point where I met my mother, learned where my father is, and was told we need to go to Sparta to fight corruption there. But, those quests are a bunch of levels over 25 and I don’t know if i have it in me to grind for some levels to be able to complete those quests. I’ve been playing on hard, and other than the boar fight and some cases where I got swarmed by multiple mercenaries it hasn’t been too hard.

I’ve enjoyed Kassandra as a character. The graphics are beautiful. The game play gets too repetitive like most Ubi games. Also, I’ve been playing with the quest markers off on the map so I haven’t found a lot of quests probably - so there should be quite a few to level me up. From the comments above, it seems like people think some of the end game stuff if worth grinding to get to?

I also played on hard, and I had to gain many levels before I could beat that boar. Coming back with an attitude of “remember me?” made it even more satisfying. I enjoyed the other fights like it in the world. There are a couple that I can’t remember if they’re that style or affiliated with the cult. You should definitely find them–the more mythic, the better. IIRC there’s one in the far south and the east. (Not sure how much in terms of any spoilers you would want to know beyond that.)

Can anyone tell me how I switch between my two melee weapons? I think I have two… so long since I played this but it’s been fired back up for the crossover stuff. Confusing controls!

Does this game run more poorly than Valhalla to anyone else?

If using the controller, isn’t it one of the d-pad buttons? If not, you can always call up the inventory screen.

D-Pad to the right?

It seems to have momentary fps drops for no apparent reason. I can be up at 80-90 then it can drop to 30-50 without a lot of complexity on screen, then goes back up.

Mouse and Keyboard :/

Also can’t remember how to change arrow type.

… Oh look at that G for arrows and T for weapon. Thank you internet.

Get thee a controller, sir! To quote the fictional Adrian Monk, “you’ll thank me later.”

This mini expansion is worth checking out for Kassandra fans. There’s more to it than some of the free content.

I saw some gameplay of it but did they change Kassandra’s face somehow? It looks pinched or something, like she’s got a whiff of something smelly.

(In general I really hate it when 3D character models for the same character are different–especially in games of the last, say 10 years, when they can get pretty true to life. Talion in Shadow of Mordor looks one way, Talion in Shadow of War looks like his Neanderthal forebear.)

Well she’s a bit older :)

I would have thought immortality would mean she also had eternal youth, but there’s always a catch, isn’t there?

You’re right. Different art director who thought the original character didn’t look right so they changed her and don’t give a shit about how the players feel about it.