Assassin's Creed: Origins - 2017, Ancient Egypt, hawk spotter drone

Egypt but not Greece for me. Bolivia too!

Memorial Day weekend, perfect time to jump into an oversized Ubi open world game, right? So I figured I worked my way up to, but stopped just short of playing Origins. And now, some years later, I figure what the heck, let’s give it a shot.

Most of what I’ve heard is how different the game is from previous ACs, but there’s a fair bit that’s consistent with the earlier games too. Yeah, it’s gone fully open world RPG, with leveled weapons and armor, but so far that hasn’t really shown itself to be a ‘loot chase’, though I guess we’ll see how that looks in about fifty hours. But a lot of the other stuff, the traversal, synchronization, random quests bopping around the map, yeah it feels like Creed. And I mean that in a good way, I’m invested in the series and I’d hate to see it just totally ditched. I see there’s also a somewhat perfunctory present day story that I’ve seen for a total of one cutscene, so I’m not sure where that will go, but I’m interested. Liking the first six hours or so!

I picked this up on Steam sale, but I’m immersed in Odyssey at the moment, which also starts with some odd present-day or near-future story beat. I have no investment in the AC franchise, but love open-world RPG type games, and so far Odyssey is excellent, which makes me look forward to Origins when I get round to it.

Anyone have an older (before Skylake 6xxx) quad-core i5 system running Origin or Odyssey want to test something for me?

If you don’t have vsync or framelimiter on to 30 fps, when you run the benchmark are a lot of the NPC people untextured “potato people?” ie white placeholder toga/hoodie wearing pink 3D models?

I have an original i5-750. I ran Origins just now, Uplay didn’t have any options for a benchmark, so I started the game. 10 minutes later the game started up, and I looked around in the menus, framelimiter was off, vsync was off, most stuff was set to ultra. But I couldn’t find any benchmark option.


It’s buried in performance tools.

Ah ok. I’ll try again some other day. I don’t have another 10 minutes to start Assassin’s Creed Origins today. Seriously, what the hell is up with the game taking this long to start up on an SSD?

I’m trying to confirm a Ubisoft engine problem with it hitching pausing constantly while running around even with a GTX 1080 Ti GPU. I couldn’t play it with vsync on or off and had to force fps limit to 30. I think it’s why Ubi artificially limited horse speed in-towns in Odyssey.

I remember getting a lot of those potato people constantly in both games.

Heck, I saw that bug on my i7 6700 in one mission where Bayek has to kill a dude in a bathhouse. It was fairly soon after launch though-- maybe in November 2017.

After maybe 8-10 hours in game so far, I feel like maybe I have my head around the combat. A little bit. At least I don’t immediately die when I get hanged up on, which is pretty much any fight that I don’t whittle down participants through assassination first.

Combat is much different than the earlier games. OK, that’s probably a “duh” statement, but I mean it’s totally different, you can’t hang back and just parry and counter. You kind of can, but it’s not as deadly as it used to be. The introduction of health bars means you’ve got to bang on them with a sword or staff or spear for a bit. It takes getting used to.

But I like the exploration and the side quests and activities are pretty fun. And Alexandria is gorgeous. I’m still pretty early on and taking my time finding stuff but I’m getting comfortable with the changes.

I am really pleased with this game, having a great deal of fun. It’s like they took a bunch of good stuff from other games, like The Witcher 3, and then put it in with their own good stuff and made it better. The Witcher 3 is still (so far, though I don’t see that changing dramatically) the better story, and populated with better characters. But movement and combat is much better here. And I don’t have to keep repairing my gear! Man, that got old.

It’s funny to see how some of the tropes from other games got their origins, I guess? It is the title of the game after all! But the way Bayek likes jumping off tall things into bales of hay, well all the assassins should do that! And Bayek accidentally cuts off his left ring finger during an assassination? Well now all recruits will cut off their ring finger! Sure, makes sense.

One other thing - going back to my earlier posts, I recall how concerned I was about leveling and gating off areas, but that’s not been a problem due to my playstyle which is to see and do everything. I’m pretty much always overleveled!

No more potato people after upgrading to Ryzen 7 2700 and NVMe M.2 SSDs.

With my Odyssey playthrough into the Atlantis DLC, after wiping out the Cult and the Order, I decided to dive into Origins. Man, what a good setting. Not as spiffy or as sprawlingly massive as in Odyssey, maybe, but it’s very atmospheric and evocative. The game mechanics are not quite as slick as in Odyssey, either, but despite some different (and essentially unchangeable) control key differences, I’ve adapted pretty well.

The setting is interesting, if a bit odd. I mean, if you wanted hard-core Egypt stuff, you’d go Old Kingdom or Middle Kingdom I would thing, but that would put you waaaay back and make it pretty hard to tie into more familiar stuff. As it is, the late Ptolemaic period gives us traditional Pyramids ‘n’ Stuff Egypt, albeit even then pretty well plundered, post-Hellenic era Greeks, at the tail end of their hegemony, and of course the newbies, the Romans, who are coming into their own. All in all a ton of stuff to draw on–chariot races, triremes, crocodiles, snakes!

All that sand is overwhelming and not as attractive as the Agean Sea.

Well, ocean > sand, certainly. They do a nice job though of capturing the stark appeal of the desert, I think, as much as they can.

I just read a book (Ghost on the Throne) about the aftermath of Alexander the Great’s death. I never knew that his intent was to buried in Siwa, where Origins begins. Apparently, it was there he, um, discovered that he was the son of the god Amun, and that’s where he wanted his tomb to be.

Apparently, Perdiccas had Alex’s corpse sent back to Macedonia, but it was intercepted by Ptolemy (the first one, Soter) somewhere in the Levant and hijacked to Memphis, where Ptolemy had set up his capital until Alexandria could be built. It ended up in Alexandria, supposedly. So it never made it either to Macedonia, the traditional burial place of the Argeads, or to Siwa, where Alexander wanted to be interred. But it does explain why your Bayek is from Siwa. Also, reading about how the corpse of Alexander was regarded as nearly magical if not divine by people of that time, it makes the whole bit with the Isu and the tomb of Alexander, etc. make more sense (ok, as much sense as any of the AC stuff makes, which is precious little).

Still blown away by how much stuff there is in this game, just how damned big it all is. But there’s also room for wide-open expanses, never ending deserts (ok, do they just feel never ending I guess). I’m enjoying working on crafting new gear and finding better stuff, and doing all sorts of random missions along the way.

I just arrived in Krokodilopolis (which sounded a lot cooler than it ended up looking) and like half my map is still black. The funniest thing is my Bayek just stumbled upon a storyteller who had a tale to tell about Aya, which led into one of her seafaring missions. That was pretty cool!

Yeah, the way they segued between Aya and Bayak is pretty neat. Not as extensive as Syndicate, where you play as Jacob and Evie, swapping back and forth, but still an interesting way to get her side of things and of course some naval action.

Enjoy it @divedivedive , one of my favorite game worlds.