Assassin's Creed: Origins - 2017, Ancient Egypt, hawk spotter drone

And now I am done with the DLC, and consequently done with Origins. Overall, quite positive. I would have been fine if the main game had been all the content - the Hidden Blade and Curse of the Pharaohs DLCs were ok, but didn’t blow my mind. I think I liked Hidden Blade best, because it was just a short little bitesize adventure, you get in, get out, no time to get bored. I think the content of Curse of the Pharaohs was better but man, it was just too damned big. If Hidden Blade was Ubisoft saying, ‘hey did you like Origins? Well here’s a little more!’ then Curse of the Pharaohs was them going, ‘and here’s a whole hell of a lot more!’ It was cool playing detective across Thebes but I was just wearing down by the time I got to the end. So it’s fitting that with that, I close out my time in Egypt. Totally worth it, on the balance.

Curse of the Too Damn Many Boss Fights, but the afterlife stuff sure is pretty.

Yeah I was superbored with Pharaohs by the end and couldn’t wait to be done with it. Just too much repetitiveness even for Ubisoft standards.

Now I just hope the DLC for Odyssey will be more interesting/less fillery. I have 134 hours in that game and both DLCs and few Lost Tales of Greece still ahead of me.

Having just finished Syndicate (and now catching up on this thread as I start Origins), I want to acknowledge this was awesome.

So what did you think of Syndicate?

I need to get back to it but my gaming time is limited and because I REALLY want to give Odyssey a spin, I put it aside and picked up Origins again.

I know, I should just go straight to Odyssey, but wanted to give Origins another chance after not enjoying it much last year (though, only played it for about two hours). Liking it more this time due to turning off the HUD/map pointers.

That was my main issue before - like with most of these Ubisoft games, it just feels like a checklist of stuff to do and the icons all over the HUD just further enforced that feeling. Now, I’m just walking wherever I fancy and taking quests as I come across them, rather than feeling an obligation to stop everywhere the icons pop up, Much more fun this way. Quest pointers need to go.

I liked Syndicate. More than Unity, though neither was perfect.

I sorta break AC up into generations:

The first was a beta test.

The three AC2 games were fun game iterated very slightly each time.

AC3 and Black Flag I lump together for their naval combat, even if it wasn’t that prominent in AC3. I assume Rogue would fit here as well, but it’s the only “major” AC game I haven’t played.

Unity and Syndicate were sort of technological reboots but a return to the old formula. So they represent another generation, but one that sort of obsoleted a previous generation, not one that expanded the scope of the franchise.

And then Origins and Odyssey represent another generation as they (apparently) sort of merge all of the game world styles but shift to more RPG elements.

So all of that to say, if you don’t care at all for the overall narrative, but want to get a flavor for the history of the franchise pre-Origins, you should just play Black Flag and Syndicate. I think Syndicate represents the best of the original “here’s a sprawling city with fun architecture, go nuts!” formulas. Even if your dumb base was a train that never went near the missions you wanted.

Still my favorite!

Though Brotherhood is a close second place.

I still need to try the other generations. I made some progress in AC3, but I got stuck on the part where Haytham has to do some complicated thing at a Fort.

Origins question: any reason to keep weapons that don’t have any obvious appeal to me, and if not, should I dismantle or sell?

Should I try to at least hang onto a good option in a few different classes, or am I good to go if I get, say, a spear that I’m happy with and never want to bother with axes, or whatever?

That exact part put me off AC games all the way up to Origins, which is so different as to be virtually unrecognizable as the same series. Mind you, I think it’s great, and I frankly like it better than the old model.

You assume correctly. It is Black Flag with a less interesting protagonist, less colorful setting, but with iceberg walls across the north atlantic.

In other words, still one of the better AC games because Black Flag was just so good.

I keep the ‘best’ (stats-wise) of each weapon class, just in case, and so I can experiment. But in my experience, I was usually more resource deprived than money deprived, so I usually dismantled extra weapons.

I think my top three AC games would probably have to be AC3, Brotherhood, and Unity. I can’t really rank them though because I like them for all different reasons. But I guess one common thread is that they took the series in new and different directions. I don’t really dislike any of the others, I just found it harder to maintain interest if the game felt like it was following a formula too closely. I liked Origins well enough certainly, but sometimes it feels like ten pounds of poop in a five pound bag.

I got sidetracked from when I started Origins back in December (got married, got back into Breath of the Wild, both pretty serious undertakings) but now I’m back on Origins.

Is there no longer a menu anywhere that breaks down your overall progress? % of missions complete, synch points found, locations discovered, etc? I find it almost impossible to see everything on the map, the ? icons frequently blend into the terrain at the viewing distance from my couch.

This game is tooooo looooooooong and boring.

Pretty sure I have access to the point-of-no-return mission for the end of the game, and there was still a solid third of the map I’d never set foot in. Maybe I’m wrong about that mission that seems to be pointing to the end?

Now granted, in the time I’ve spent continuing to explore and ignoring that mission, I’ve found several unexplored regions were empty desert. But there are still densely populated areas in the northwest it seems the game might never have introduced me to. What’s up with that?

I’m also weary of the side missions. I think part of it is the narrative choice that reminds me of the worst of the GTA games—I’m just a chump who will do anything any stranger asks, with no questions asked. I’m a medjay, I have to help!

Perhaps it’s selective memory on my part and past AC games were more guilty of this than I remember. But even when the mission activities weren’t that diverse in past games, it felt like I was still slowly taking over the map, liberating it, recruiting it into whatever my conflict was, etc. Here I bump into a stranger who asks me to go free this captive or kill this warlord, and it frequently involves turning around and going back to clear out the very outpost I just came from, now repopulated as if I was never there.

The side missions here largely have zero bearing on the narrative, and zero connection to my progress in the game. I’m just an errand boy for strangers.

This has not been a satisfying grind in the way many previous AC games work for me. I’ve already decided I’m taking a break with something else (maybe Horizon Zero Dawn) before I move on to AC Odyssey. I don’t think I can take another AC game immediately after this; it’s turning into my least favorite in quite some time.

Sounds familiar. For me in Ubigames, part of your early decision making is around which parts of the game you should just ignore. Crafting, the economy, the online coop… and not very good sidequests fall into that bucket sometimes for me.

Odyssey is more varied than Origins, but I too would take a break :)

Do they have some achievements tied into doing all this extra stuff, or is it just your compulsive need to do it, or just that you did it for all the older AC games so you want to do everything in this one too? It sounds like they just put a lot more content in this one, and didn’t actually expect people to do every quest, kind of similar to Kingdoms of Amulur, though different.

You aren’t quite as close to the end as you think you are, but you’re in the home stretch.

Stop doing them?

Your memory is correct, Origins represents a major shift in the structure of the game toward an RPG-lite format rather than the somewhat more unique creature that past AC games were. It’s a mixed bag. There’s a lot I like about the new ones, but several things I really miss from the old ones too. Territory control is a big loss, as is some of the old stealth options (disappearing in a crowd and such).

I’d recommend at least a year between the two, honestly, especially considering how tired of the format you seem to be.

I played Odyssey then Origins, not being an AC fan from way back or anything. I found the former to be more fun than the latter, definitely, and I agree that Origins gets a bit sprawling and disconnected. Neither game has particularly amazing side missions, or for that matter main missions, as the plots are contrived to say the least. But the mechanics are spot-on, and the worlds in general are very cool.

To answer the question a couple of you have asked, in past AC games, I’ve found a sort of “comfortable tedium” in methodically clearing those notoriously icon-rich Ubisoft maps of objectives and collectibles.

I don’t necessarily get all the trophies/achievements, but I often try to 100% the animus progress trackers (strangely absent in AC Origins).

I’m flexible with the goals I set for myself, and have at times written off certain activities in different games. I’d have trouble articulating a consistent logic to what I’ll skip and what I’ll follow through with. But I don’t think I’ve ever skipped out on side missions or map exploration.

I think I’m burning out on Origins for the specific reasons in my previous post, but it could also simply be the scope of this game. I did get every last thing in Syndicate, but maybe I would’ve bailed on those same goals/missions if the map was as large as Origins.

I felt the same way about Origins. Keep trying to play it, but it’s just a checklist of stuff to do… just way too much, an overwhelming amount.

Started playing Odyssey; this one feels better due to Kassandra and the story telling, but that’s about it. Haven’t gotten too far in it though, so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised, but so far, so AC.

The only AC games I’ve played that REALLY hooked me were AC II and Syndicate (still haven’t played Black Flag). Those were just FUN in a way the others I’ve tried haven’t been.

I actually liked the initial parts of Origins better; the setting in the desert, the son, the framing and the time period and the cultural and architectural settings.

But like all AC games they seemed to try and match the story to the game world and they drug on and on its narrative and twists until it just felt tiring rather than exciting. I think the Museum Mode is better in Origins though. Archery is much better in Odyssey. I feel like Origins is a much more dramatic and interesting setting - sometimes Odyssey can be lovely and sometimes it feels like a game world too intensely.