Assassin's Creed: Origins - 2017, Ancient Egypt, hawk spotter drone


Bear in mind it’s got its downside - the map is going to be a blob of collectibles and the story’s no great shakes - but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Also the Dead Kings DLC has one of the most awesome weapons in the entire series - basically a grenade launcher with a bayonet.


Also a bunch of MP only missions on the map, which you won’t be able to do because…well, no one is playing it. So that’s fun.


You can play them solo. Some of them can be quite challenging that way, but they’re all doable.


The best part of AC:Unity was how AC:Rogue tied into it.

I disliked the main character in Unity. It also had the least interesting HQ in the entire series, and the upgrades were meh. :(


I had no idea, thanks. I haven’t touched it for a year, so I’d have to relearn, I might just leave it be as the One AC That Got Away. It was just so bland except for the combat.


Paying more attention to the stuff revealed at E3, and I think a big development for some people is going to be the fact that hidden blade stealth stabs are not auto-kill in Origins.


One of the factors of me enjoying AC 2 less than the first game was the fact that I found out about the hidden blade thanks to Qt3. I don’t know what tutorial I missed in the original AC (because there were a million tutorials in that first opening area) but I never knew about the hidden blade. So all my combat in AC was with the sword. And it was a lot of fun. But after Qt3 told me about the hidden blade, that’s all I used in AC2. I do wonder if I gimped my own fun as a result of that.


Hang on, didn’t they take away every weapon but the hidden blade at the beginning of the first game?


No, but that does sound familiar. I think that happened in AC2? I suppose it could have happened in the first, since it’s been so long. If it happened in the endless tutorial areas, that would explain it. I played those tutorial areas when the game first came out. And then I put the game aside for a few months, maybe a year. And then I came back to it and played it again, trying to re-acquaint myself with the game without having to play all that early tutorial stuff again, which was terrible.



On Ubisoft’s investor call, they revealed that they expect Origins to sell better than Syndicate, but below Unity.


I have absolutely no idea what to make of that.


I’d guess it’s them saying they don’t expect to “win” back all the players they lost from the last couple of titles with just this one.


That seems like a funny thing to just come right out and say doesn’t it? I mean, good on them for honest self-analysis, just seems like it might kind of get in the way of marketing. “Hey guys, buy our game, it’s pretty good! OK, maybe not our best, but still!”


It’s an investor call, so they can’t lie. They legally and morally have to set expectations for their investors.

Edit: They can always “sugarcoat” stuff as all companies do in these calls, but the projected sales for a tentpole title can’t really be slanted too far without treading into dangerous territory.


I don’t mean lie, necessarily, just seems funny they come right out and say it. I guess I would think that a company would find a more clever way to phrase this, maybe something like “not all our franchises will earn as much as they once had” or something generic that sets an expectation but does not come right out and say hey, this franchise may be in decline.


I don’t know how many players they ‘lost’ due to Syndicate - that seemed to be pretty well received by those who played it. Unity did most of the damage. As well as franchise fatigue.


They certainly don’t sound like they’re saying it’s in decline on the call itself. They bang on about how it was the most viewed E3 footage and won loads of awards. They just say they’re being conservative in their sales forecasts, and they reckon the recurring income will be bigger given the RPG elements (pay to win here we come!).


That said, they clearly see the need to rely less on it as the main moneyspinner, which is why they’re pushing all this relatively new IP and going in so hard on “live” games.


An interesting tidbit too, from the meeting, is that Ubisoft has seen the success of Battlegrounds and other Battle Royal style games and is looking for ways to incorporate that into their IPs.