Assassin's Creed: Origins - 2017, Ancient Egypt, hawk spotter drone


Weird - I’ve never done that by accident. I don’t do lock-on either in combat though, so maybe thats it ? Anyways - it was a new way for me to see around corners.


Just picked this up, loving it so far. Exploring tombs by torchlight, the grunt of your camel, the million different weapons and their styles. Love the spear. Horseback combat is fun and meaty, feels like Witcher. Boating around a crowded lake feels like the yacht scene in Caddyshack.

The graphics are gorgeous. Did you notice sand rolls downhill when your footprints get covered? Its like your footprints melt into the sand. Just superb.


Just climbed a pyramid. Man that was great, they still have the sides and metal cap in place in this time period.

Man caves and tombs and ruins just burst with atmosphere here. The torch lighting, sunbeams coming in through small gaps, giant statues right out of Raiders of The Lost Ark…

Fighting is hard in groups though. I’m trying to rescue this guy from an enemy stronghold and getting owned if the alarm sounds. I can only get close by being a sneaky bastard.


Get the smoke bomb w/optional damage upgrade on the right hand side of the tree. Problem solved.


Yeah, I saw that. The skill tree is as big as Skyrim now! The smoke bomb was a teeny bit overpowered in Black Flag, the last one I played. I’m gonna to try and get better at combat a bit first, but good to know it’s there if I get frustrated.


41 hours in and I still find some fights get frustrating when you get surrounded by guys wielding shields, and when it feels like no matter how good my timing is I get stuck in an animation and whittled down to near death for what I view as not my fault. It’s nice to be able to tap Y, or as I like to call it, press the instant win button.

One neat touch, at least later in the game, enemies will also smoke bomb you so it’s all fair in love and ninja warfare.


That’s pretty cool about them smoke bombing you.

I noticed something really cool after I fought some guys in the desert. Vultures started circling the dead bodies, and then one actually landed and started eating it.


Cursed weapon seems so useless, I can’t imagine playing with them all the time, the loss of health is just overkill.


I keep hoping a way to remove the curse will present itself, so I leave the weapon sitting in my inventory. Like maybe I meet a voodoo priest later in the game, and he will remove the curse… but he needs a favor first.


Here’s the next DLC pack:

Does anyone care about this stuff? It seems pretty throwaway.


I find the annoying fights to be a group with a couple of archers, sometimes on horseback nailing you when your trying to get the couple of melee guys.

Had my first I’m fighting a group and one of those Phylack guys came by…welll desync happened quickly.


The horse seems stupid, but I enjoy changing outfits depending on what I do - traipsing in the desert, hanging in the big cities, going for assassinations and so on - I dress for the occasion!


Done, with a whopping 95 hours spent doing everything except the races and the arena fights. And I thought it was quite an enjoyable ride, and don’t see why some are so negative about the game. The gameplay structure didn’t seem to be that different from Witcher 3 (main quest, bunch of side quests, question marks for ‘other’ things) with a better horse (not by much, but I thought it was better) and having the use of a bow and arrow. And of course the eagle. It kind of reminded me of Black Flag - which makes sense, given it was the same team. I mean, I don’t think BF had side quests, but it was a pretty open world ‘gated’ by your ability level.

That’s not to say it’s perfect. Most of the side quests fell into the same ‘infiltrate this enemy camp/stronghold and kill/steal/rescue this person/item’, but I enjoyed that quite a bit, so it didn’t bother me. I thought the character of Bayek was a good one as the ‘first’ assassin. Aya was OK as the first ‘Chief’ assassin, but her parts seemed like step backwards since you lost the eagle ability, plus all your weapons, extra arrows, etc from Bayek (although she did have the sailing parts - did like those). It will be interesting to see where the story-based DLC goes from here (other than, I assume, Cleopatra). And the story was decent enough for an AC game. Not the best, maybe, but certainly far from the worst. Personally, I look forward to where they take this style of gameplay next.

I think Brotherhood is still my favorite, but this and AC4 are right there behind it. And I’m still surprised that this game was so much more well received than ME:A, since the gameplay structure was very similar (other than having different planets vs one large land mass).


Just started… I think I’ll like it but I have to say I have no idea who I am or what’s going on.


You will once you get past the first area and get your first assassination (after the two you immediately start off with, anyway).


People don’t like the Witcher 3 because of its “gameplay structure”.


So has this happened to anyone else? I was doing an early fetch quest in Alexandria (I was about level 10 or 11), and I spot the baddies holding the thing. My weapons weren’t as leveled up as they could be though, so I figured I’d find a blacksmith to upgrade them. Head back, and what do I find but the main, special baddie and a couple of his henchmen lying in the street dead a little way from their hideout, and all I have to do is “confirm kill” and get the Macguffin.


Yes, that can happen if the baddies run into a group of rebels I think. Had random stuff like that make quests harder or easier depending on when and how it happens.


PS4 or PC? Are the graphics that amazing on PC that I should eschew the comforts of console gaming from my bed? Should I shave my beard at 5 mm or 7? Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Did Sydney Greenstreet come up with the flyswatting behavior in Casablanca on his own, or was it scripted?


This spins my CPU fan up like nothing else. Is it really using all 8 cores the way Task Manger says? Is this the future?