Assassin's Creed: Origins - 2017, Ancient Egypt, hawk spotter drone


Firebomb seems tricky to use. When it works it is awesome, especially against enemies with lots of HP like bosses. It usually slows them down enough to get out of a sticky situation and some good hits in. But very often I got the feeling it did not do anything as well. May be an aiming issue.


Umm… did they remove the option to disassemble weapons in the latest patch or something?


The word on the street is that it’s using all the cores for running very aggressive DRM on every frame. So yes, the future. Just not in the way you meant.


Working fine on PC version here.


Weird. The option was gone from all weapons, and it didn’t work if I just tried it anyway. Had to restart the game, suddenly it was back.


I doubt they would implement a DRM solution with that drastic or noticeable a cost on performance, and UBI have denied it. The issue seems to be engine-based, at least on the PC. Watch Dogs 2 has exactly the same problem with excessive CPU commitment during play (you can even find my complaining about it in that game’s thread here). The games are built for consoles that have much, much weaker CPUs than even an i5, so they are not bottlenecking the processor by design, or whatever bullshit reasoning that UBI want to spin. In WD2, I could replicate the problem even with all the graphics turned down. I think it’s probably excessive amounts of audio or AI processes - what else is the CPU handling in these sorts of games?


So, just now I was fighting one of those guys with a tall Shield, and he knocked me down. I had adrenalin available and kept trying to activate it, but no matter what I did I couldn’t make Bayek get back up. Naturally I got killed because dudes kept beating on me. What’s the secret to recovering there?


I’m enjoying this (about level 12, in Alexandria).

But I kind of miss the AC2 days when gameplay was focussed on stealth and parkour. No experience points, crafting, mount upgrading, scouting. At times it feels they just slapped AC and Far Cry 3 together.

And another issue, I can’t seem to figure out stealth. Whenever I approach an enemy stronghold I manage to take out a few guards, but then it always descends into a melee free for all. Not sure if I’m just doing it wrong or the game is encouraging gameplay to go that way…


When you are knocked down you need to dodge to get back up.


It encourages stealth too (if you so choose) by providing the chain assassin bonuses etc.

I don’t think there’s anything arcane about the mechanics - are you getting spotted, or leaving bodies lying around? Have you scoped out the area adequately? Use sleep darts? Pick a good ingress point. There’s usually plenty of hiding spots that encourage stealth, and sometimes hidden entrances.

I’ve regularly managed full stealth missions, where I recover the treasures and kill the captains without alerting anyone and getting sucked into melee. And plenty where I have of course! :)


My worst one was when I was trying to stealth a base and was carrying a guy around a corner to hide in a house and ran into the Commander which was one of the big shield/javelin guys. It goes all slow motion while I have this guy on my back and the guy is going “What the…???”. Next thing I know he’s knocked me on my keister and starts pinning me to the ground with javelin throws. Fucked me right up.


Don’t go crazy about bodies. It doesn’t seem to make the base go on full alert, or at least not immediately. Do NOT risk getting seen to hide a body. Just don’t get seen in general

Make sure that you scout everyone in the base before going in. Even if you get spotted, as long as they aren’t near enemies, you can generally kill them without raising the alarm.

I’ve found the stealth to be pretty forgiving for the most part, although sometimes you will just have bad luck and some big bases are quite hard. This is certainly no Metal Gear Solid game.

As far as knockdowns, i’ve found that some attacks stun you so you can’t dodge out of them while standing or on the ground. I’m not sure which ones do this, but i know that every hit from certain late game boss enemies stuns you so that any time one of them hits me once, i will get struck by a combo that does half my health. Later on some normal enemies can do this too.


There is a period mid game where stealth becomes important again (bad things happen if someone raises the alarm). I do agree that early game it is basically a fighter and late game this is also true. Although someone else mentioned that you get an experience bonus for chain stealth kills which does somewhat encourage stealth.


So far 8 phylakes dead, the last 2 are level 40… Gonna be awhile yet till I find out what I get for this quest.

One nice thing is if you assassinate a regions main quest bad guy before doing the side quests in that area, the quest giver will acknowledge that persons death as they discuss their problem with you. :)


Poor Khalese. Cool fight, cool as hell setting, but I felt a little sorry for her.


Damn, I only met Cleopatra not too long ago. I’m guessing I’ve got a ways to go.


I struggled with this in the beginning too, for example, if you’re hiding in grass and a guard approaches, the window to take them out by assassination before they spot you is quite short. I manage to keep stealthy now by a lot of patience, and taking the time to mark all enemies with Senu (this becomes easier with time since his perception increases every time you synchronize a new spot).
Also - make sure you set traps at the fire braziers in case they actually spot you, this helps a lot as they blow up instead of calling reinforcements =)


Yes. That’s definitely one of my complaints regarding the stealth. My finger is ready on the Assassinate button but the curious guard goes from suspicious to frantic in a fraction of a second. It getting to a point where I’m starting to approach each situation more like Rambo than Bayek…


Man, if you start exploring the other areas too early you get TORE UP. Even a simple guy sailing a boat in the western Med, snacking on oranges in the sunshine, turns into a the living incarnate of Annubis when provoked. He rains arrows that part the water as they are flying over towards your little boat. Some observers have been know to take this opportunity to lead large groups of bedraggled slaves on the run across the sea through the wake of what I can only assume is a depleted uranium arrow, it hits so hard. I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out where to scale, but it looks like of you stick near the main quest area you are ok. It make exploring really interesting as I’m guessing the chest loot scales as well. I just can’t get close enough to a loot chest to tell. :)

In other news, patch 1.05 finally saves your hair and beard options through cutscenes. The only thing that really matters to me in this game, beard physics.


Yeah you can cheese the leveling system for resources though. :)

Go back to level 1-5 areas when you are level 20, and just gather tons of crafting stuff easily. Also you will come across dead players from other games, avenge them for an easy 250xp.