Assassin's Creed: Origins - 2017, Ancient Egypt, hawk spotter drone


My worst one was when I was trying to stealth a base and was carrying a guy around a corner to hide in a house and ran into the Commander which was one of the big shield/javelin guys. It goes all slow motion while I have this guy on my back and the guy is going “What the…???”. Next thing I know he’s knocked me on my keister and starts pinning me to the ground with javelin throws. Fucked me right up.


Don’t go crazy about bodies. It doesn’t seem to make the base go on full alert, or at least not immediately. Do NOT risk getting seen to hide a body. Just don’t get seen in general

Make sure that you scout everyone in the base before going in. Even if you get spotted, as long as they aren’t near enemies, you can generally kill them without raising the alarm.

I’ve found the stealth to be pretty forgiving for the most part, although sometimes you will just have bad luck and some big bases are quite hard. This is certainly no Metal Gear Solid game.

As far as knockdowns, i’ve found that some attacks stun you so you can’t dodge out of them while standing or on the ground. I’m not sure which ones do this, but i know that every hit from certain late game boss enemies stuns you so that any time one of them hits me once, i will get struck by a combo that does half my health. Later on some normal enemies can do this too.


There is a period mid game where stealth becomes important again (bad things happen if someone raises the alarm). I do agree that early game it is basically a fighter and late game this is also true. Although someone else mentioned that you get an experience bonus for chain stealth kills which does somewhat encourage stealth.


So far 8 phylakes dead, the last 2 are level 40… Gonna be awhile yet till I find out what I get for this quest.

One nice thing is if you assassinate a regions main quest bad guy before doing the side quests in that area, the quest giver will acknowledge that persons death as they discuss their problem with you. :)


Poor Khalese. Cool fight, cool as hell setting, but I felt a little sorry for her.


Damn, I only met Cleopatra not too long ago. I’m guessing I’ve got a ways to go.


I struggled with this in the beginning too, for example, if you’re hiding in grass and a guard approaches, the window to take them out by assassination before they spot you is quite short. I manage to keep stealthy now by a lot of patience, and taking the time to mark all enemies with Senu (this becomes easier with time since his perception increases every time you synchronize a new spot).
Also - make sure you set traps at the fire braziers in case they actually spot you, this helps a lot as they blow up instead of calling reinforcements =)


Yes. That’s definitely one of my complaints regarding the stealth. My finger is ready on the Assassinate button but the curious guard goes from suspicious to frantic in a fraction of a second. It getting to a point where I’m starting to approach each situation more like Rambo than Bayek…


Man, if you start exploring the other areas too early you get TORE UP. Even a simple guy sailing a boat in the western Med, snacking on oranges in the sunshine, turns into a the living incarnate of Annubis when provoked. He rains arrows that part the water as they are flying over towards your little boat. Some observers have been know to take this opportunity to lead large groups of bedraggled slaves on the run across the sea through the wake of what I can only assume is a depleted uranium arrow, it hits so hard. I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out where to scale, but it looks like of you stick near the main quest area you are ok. It make exploring really interesting as I’m guessing the chest loot scales as well. I just can’t get close enough to a loot chest to tell. :)

In other news, patch 1.05 finally saves your hair and beard options through cutscenes. The only thing that really matters to me in this game, beard physics.


Yeah you can cheese the leveling system for resources though. :)

Go back to level 1-5 areas when you are level 20, and just gather tons of crafting stuff easily. Also you will come across dead players from other games, avenge them for an easy 250xp.


Hey, thanks for the tip! Fully upgraded stuff FTW!

BTW I hope that the latest patch fixed a bug in the bath house mission where all the people sitting around one of the pools look normal until you enter the pool, at which point they all become identical featureless and motionless mannequins.


By the way, there was a hint screen that said something about crafting, and there is some achievement about crafting things. Is this something that unlocks way later? I haven’t crafted anything yet. Does it mean upgrade your stuff with those resources on the gear screen?

By the way, this game is just gorgeous. I thought Black Flag was pretty with the sun drenched beaches, waves, storms and smoke. This game blows it away with the reeds, lilypads, desert and sunsets. Just breathtaking sometimes. I think it even beats W3.

Ubisoft is pretty damn close to making this franchise a full on RPG now. I mean you have dungeons, a huge map, tons of weapons, upgrades, stats, XP, leveling, looting bodies for stuff besides a few coins… you know I take it back, they HAVE made a full fledged RPG here. It’s amazing. They even have the Radiant AI type movements for all characters (even soldiers in camps) from the Elder Scrolls. But the world they built is soooooo much more impressive than anything Bethesda has made, way more akin to a CD Project effort. I think they really hit it out of the park with this one, it might be my GOTY.


There is an achievement for being fully decked out in Legendary Gear.


I’ve had no problems leveling up in this game. I’m enjoying the side quests so much, the main quest is lvl 34 and I’m nearing 40. I’ve also been going back to complete the Papryus puzzles. Really loving those.


Yeah I’m picking up all side missions and am doing them in the order of suggested level. Which means I am now level 30, doing missions at level 21-24.
I don’t feel overpowered either, since there is still the stealth approach to it that I enjoy. It just means I actually CAN stealth kill my enemies.

Oh, by the way. I’ve run in to a couple of topless (grown) women. Did they throw them in here and there because it was normal then, or is this some weird bug? :):):)


Can we talk more mechanics? This is probably the first AC game where you need to talk mechanics. A few questions I’m having:

  1. If you go back and take on lower level enemies you seem to get lower level drops. Same with chests. Is this the same with quest rewards? The Papyrus finds? Haven’t noticed a trend yet. I’d hate to save the Papyrus scrolls for the end and get crap gear.

  2. Is there any way to tell an enemy’s level outside of the skull? Because I sense there are skulls, and there are SKULLS. I have killed some bounty hunter beast by beating on them for a while with a horse, and it was hella hard. But sometimes a skull guy who is a normal troop will one shot me almost. I wonder if you can tell who is REALLY tough.

  3. (Slight spoiler, I assume): Are there any traps in any of these tombs? So far I have not seen any. It would be cool to have big pits or spikes or something. In my kid imagination I always imagined all kinds of traps inside the pyramids. I did manage to trap myself in a tomb once because somehow I borked a thing I needed to slide. I was all panicked until I realized I could fast travel out of there. It was pretty funny though, I’m standing there with my torch going “I guess I’m a mummy now.”


One thing that I found kind of cool is that I was hunting then fighting a leopard and when it got down to low health it was smart enough to run away, so I gave chase on foot (which is pretty silly because I guarantee a leopard would run a lot faster than the fastest human–still it seemed to make more sense than chasing on a big noisy horse).

About the world being gorgeous, no kidding. And all the birds/wildlife are amazing.


Right, my wife was suggesting that until videogames got to this level there were all these frustrated artists who wanted to draw ibexes and the like and there was nothing for them to do. They all went into accounting or something. Now they all work for Ubisoft drawing entire little worlds.

They’re living their dream.

  1. Papyrus gives level-appropriate rewards whenever you actually uncover the item. Hence probably good to spread them out as you go.


Here’s a question: if you kill level 8 hyenas/birds/whatever when you’re way overpowered for them, are the resulting animal goods less lucrative than those of higher level animals if you sell them? I ask because drachmas seem hard to come by in sufficient numbers.