Assassin's Creed: Origins is for cat people. Dog people need not bother.

You can pet cats in Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

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Well now I gotta buy this game.

I’m always said that the AC games were generally the best cat-simulators around. You climb things, roam around on rooftops, jump from place to place (with varying results), and scratch stuff. You DON’T get to push stuff off of tables, so it’s not a 1:1 thing.

In a game where you can dive from the top of towers into hay bales, guards lose track of you in a crowd of like 3 guys as long as they’re the right three guys, and you are ostensibly reliving the memories of your ancestors, the fact that strange cats will let you walk up to them in the street and pet them is the one thing that manages to break my sense of immersion.

No dog petting, no sale.

Although, I would reconsider if there was Nile crocodile petting. Can someone test this please, and post screenshots?

I had no idea this was in the game, but now I know why cats keep following me around. They’re waiting on me to pet them!


I spent a good 20 minutes figuring out how to pet the cats. So worth it when I finally managed it.

There is an ability to tame wild animals and have them follow you around. It would be awesome if this works for crocodiles. I know you can tame lions.

What’s the performance like on consoles (specifically the Xbox One)?

Decent framerate?

Yes, you can tame crocodiles. But the stupid things die really easily. You can also train hippos. I had a hippo waddling around behind me for a bit. It was great. Then a snake in the grass killed it. Stupid game. What kind of a game imagines a snake would win a fight against a hippo.

-Tom, not bitter or anything

They must have caught cat flu from all the cats, only possible explanation.

Hm, regarding of the level? And do you have to stay around water, or can you have a hippo hanging around with you in the desert? I LOVE THIS!
Oh - and, can you have multiple animals following you? I would love to have a posse of 10 cats running around with me =D

Cats love me.

It’s amazing, those two cats both have the exact same coat markings! I smell a conspiracy.

Those are some nice cats. Does MOCAP work on cats?

I could imagine putting those little sensors all over a cat.

I’d imagine motion capturing a crocodile would be much harder.

Sorta like this , but with less capture points.