Assassin's Creed: Origins' secret pyramid chamber is real

Say what you will of the game’s flaws, but that’s some impressive synchronicity. If the developers got that right, maybe we should watch out for mummies and giant serpent attacks in the future?

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That’s brilliant.

It just goes to show that, no matter what people say, Ubisoft knows their stuff when it comes to history. They should, they actually hire historians for their games.

What concessions they make after that when it comes to fun factor, gameplay and story is another matter.

This just seems to reinforce my feeling that Ubisoft is building up this lopsided reality in their games. I think it’s really cool that they put so much time and effort and research into making the environment look as authentic as possible, but they aren’t doing so much to make it “feel” real, seems to me. This is resulting in a new kind of uncanny valley where the closer the games get to approaching reality or at least photorealistic graphics, the more their concessions to their inherent video gamey-ness stands out to me.

I’ve talked before about how Black Flag’s ship mechanics and just the general feel of being on a ship seem so right, but then they give you very little to do with them except blow up other ships. Hell, they send you on a couple goddamn stealth missions on your ship. But what about ocean traversal, provisioning, crewing, plotting out courses? What an amazing simulation could be built around this framework, but it’s just untapped potential so far.

Origins looks the same to me. You could have this kind of Raiders of the Lost Ark experience, prowling out among the dunes, exploring, digging, hunting. Maybe you need to buy up lots of water and plannout how long you’ll be out there, dodging the heat of the day.

Of course I realize I’m also an outlier point, since everybody but me seems to think Black Flag was the high point of the series so far and maybe Origins will be too. Just seems weird to me that there’s one leg of a really cool experience that’s been built so carefully but no other legs are being built up to support it.

That’s freaking awesome. I haven’t gotten to a pyramid yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

That has so far been my most magical moment with Origins. I actually felt like I was let in on some huge secret.

Yes, I know. But they aren’t interested in doing simulations. For them open worlds aren’t a fertile ground to make interesting simultations, driven by AI and dynamic factors, it’s just a big playground for players to play around and have tons of activities in the maps as icons.