Assassins Creed Origins - the Spoiler Edition


Bring forth the spoilers!

(If you for some reason clicked yourself in here without wanting to read AC:O spoilers - this is your last warning)

OK - so I just finished killing The Snake in the bathhouse and found Ayas mummy in present day, and I’m really looking forward playing as Aya (just assuming that will be possible very soon).
Also curious as to what meaning his son will have in all the death scenes, or if it’s just his guilty conscience spooking around.

Oh, and this game is great.

Edit: Spoilers from previous AC games are also allowed


Can we talk spoilers for this game that link from previous Assassin’s Creed games?


Yeah tell me about the present day stuff. What’s going on there?


By all means. Edited the post as well


Almost nothing. Some woman that wants to work for Abstergo has a portable animus in an Egyptian tomb and I’ve seen her twice in 21 levels.


A woman working for Abstergo has built a portable Animus and is in a cave where she found the mummy of Bayek and Aya. Seems like she’s gone half rogue by linking up to their DNA, but wants to find something substantial to tell Abstergo so that she can get in on the project.
You get to check her laptop, there are a few too many “accidents” happening to previous employers and subjects working for Abstergo, so it seems to be something very fishy going on.

(Sorry if I mixed up the Abstergo/Animus references here)


Yeah you can read about past games on the laptop, which is neat, but they really cut down on the modern day part.


Also there’s naval combat, just did some, that was a thing that happened.


One of the bits in Assassin’s Creed 2 is that Ezio Auditore finds a hidden room in the mansion that contains 7 statues of past Assassins. One of them is “Amunet” who, according to the statue, killed Cleopatra.

So far, I haven’t met an Amunet in Origins, but I’m wondering if she shows up in one of the later DLC packs. It would be weird if Ubisoft doesn’t address this lore.


They’ve hinted that Aya will be Amunet.

Also Cleopatra is…well-rendered.


That’s what I’m assuming so far. I’m wondering if we have to help her or how that goes down.

It’s supposed to happen almost 20 years after the main story in Origins.




They could flash-forward, I suppose. They did a 20? years later in Syndicate for the DLC.

Edit: Also, I’ve played as Aya once already, surprise! This is a spoiler thread but I won’t get too specific about that.


Phlakes melt if you use fire bombs on them. :)

Also the way Syndicate’s present day stuff ended, I am surprised to not see anything mentioned in Origins yet.


I’m drawing a blank, maybe you can remind me what happened in present day in Syndicate? Basically since Desmond, well, you know … all the present day stuff has kind of blurred together.



Nothing much. You, as an anonymous Abstergo game player, got through Syndicate so the good guys could learn where the Shroud was buried. Shaun, Rebecca, and Russian super-assassin Galina then tried to get the Shroud, but the bad guys made off with it.


Oh right, I remember those recordings of Abstergo folks testing the Shroud by shooting each other and seeing if it would heal them.


This worries my somewhy.

I haven’t finished a single AC game so I’m totally clueless regarding all the present stuff, which is a bit annoying. Will have to read up on that.

People in blue clothes have suddenly started attacking me on sight, in that village right outside of Alexandria, where the Hippodrome is (can’t remember the name now), why is that really? They started doing that after the bathhouse and after getting drunk with that old “friend” you meet outside the Hippodrome. What’s his name… I want to say Clarinet but I know it’s not.

Also, Bayek pet a cat today. <3


You might want to read up on that, unless you plan on playing the other games. The first 4 are pretty present-plot heavy.

They really pruned it down to Unimportant the last few.

Edit: And honestly I don’t know about the blue clothed people either, they did that to me too, and I never caught a reason.