Assassins Creed Origins - the Spoiler Edition


The blue clothed people are the rival racing faction! If you do the one quest where you can join the green clothed racing faction. I haven’t bothered yet , as I find racing meh…


Ah I didn’t do that.


The modern day files actually mention the Assassin’s Creed movie a LOT. I had to watch the movie after I saw that, because I was feeling kind of lost in terms of references there.

Also, I’m well past the bathhouse but no playable Aya… yet. Maybe after this second wave of assassinations? I’m eager to find out.


The movie was not good. :)


During that wave.


Yeah. It had potential, but… yeah.


Yeah but I find it weird that they started attacking me before joining anything. I’m not a fan of races either so I’m not to keen on this quest, but I can’t leave it either. Argh.

By the way - don’t start the racing tutorial at the Hippodrome. It’s hell. It doesn’t let you get out of it until you win, and the one guy racing before you has pretty much the same speed as you all the way. Think I was stuck in there for 20 minutes or something before managing to win.


Yesterday I spent almost an hour trying to beat a huge captain in a huge fort. I think the designers must like Dark Souls’ Capra Demon for some reason. ;)

But past that one. It doesn’t help that a lvl 22 Phylakes (I was lvl 17) was close too.


I like the little murder mystery they threw in at the side, where you find clues at different unmarked places.


Yeah, there are a few like that. It reminded me of Witcher 3, too, since so many quests in that came at least start with some kind of investigation. ;)


Yeah I finished up the murder mystery, I liked it! The ending is in a confined space, so make sure you people know how to block with the shield!

I am nearing 20 hrs played, an still have 40 viewpoints to sync! :O

This is easily a 100hr game.

Also , did anyone else think the opening for this game was just horrible? I was like 45 minutes in before I had it figured out.


Thanks for the tip!
Yeah and the map is HUGE.

Also: I wasn’t aware that Cleopatra was British.


Syndicate voice actors needed work. ;)


You mean right at the beginning, in the temple? I was mostly running around, collecting treasures, I didn’t think it was too horrid (but then, it’s only been a few weeks since I started MGSV: Phantom Pain, so my bar for “horrible opening” is sky high)


More than just that combat opening, the whole going into town, doing a few missions, finding your house. It just didn’t feel right to me the way they presented it.



Oh yeah about the house! That was SO weird, like, you just stumble upon a house that happens to be YOUR old house and here’s the toy from your dead son (that he still carries around). That could easily have been missed.
That was why I felt I had missed some part of his story.


Nah. I get you. They were trying for the cold open, but they really made it abrupt and clumsy. “Hi, Bayek! You’re a grizzled medjay that just killed some masked muckity-muck, then a big bruiser and a handful of soldiers! Follow me (don’t worry about who the heck I am for now) to my house and I’ll show you the very basics in how to use a bow and kill from stealth.”


I’m a bit curious about the whole “ritual” about loosing a finger to have the hidden blade. I’m assuming it works perfectly well without chopping off a finger, since I was running around as Bayek for quite some time, killing people with it without problem. Do they mean to say that the ritual is just a stupid misunderstanding as the first Assassin accidentally lost his?


I was sad by the fact that Aya said nothing about Bayek losing a finger. :(


I am sad that Aya insists on shaving Bayek every time they meet =(