Assassins Creed Origins - the Spoiler Edition


The whole finger thing never made sense to me. For a group of people who depend on stealth and the ability to blend into crowds to achieve their goals, they gave their enemies a pretty surefire way to identify them. I mean how do you explain that away, lawn mowing accident? Raccoon attack?




Supposedly the new Assassin’s Creed is supposed to be more of an RPG game? If so, in my opinion good road, previous Assassins bore me


It’s not sadly.


Dear lords the tomb future thing with Khaliset is boring - its amazing how much nonsense can be sprouted by someone…


Do you mean the part with Layla? Or some tomb mission with Bayek?

One thing I miss is a home base of sorts. Maybe this comes up later, but I’ve heard friends talk about how great it was to build up your town in AC3 and it sounds like so much fun.

Just as finding Bayeks little house in Siwa, I also found Ayas house in Alexandria (or mansion, that place was NICE), where you also find the body of that dude she killed. It’s just so weird, like… he could LIVE there. But it’s just a side note.

Do they have a home of sorts later in the game or does it just continue this way?


Yeah I stumbled upon her house also, maybe it was a question mark location? I forget.

I was hoping that the hidden room under the library where Aya was staying would be your secret base, but nope. :(


No, I mean the Khaliset part - its an assassination you get. In the tomb, beneath the tomb, there is a machine you can press to play, so to speak.


Oh , not that far yet here…

Also just a general thing I noticed… All the main assassin targets in Origins seem to have no personality. At least compared to syndicate where you seemed to get to know who you were going to take out, well before you ever got the chance to do so.

I am only 20 hours in, maybe they get more mustache twirling villain like.


I think I stumbled upon it since Senu marked a treasure there, and when you get in, you get this blood stain investigation.
Yeah, I also went down that well later to check if Aya was there, but nope. Not at the estate either.
I think I miss that, being able to check up on your allies in the game.

What? A recording? How is that even possible? =)



I have some bad news for you. :(

The places are marked if you use your vision mode. And you might have realized this out by now, but there are a lot of these sequences. To me, they just felt like rote Batman detective sequences or Witcher tracking gimmicks. Suddenly Bayek is a master detective/tracker. I guess I might enjoy them if the writing was better, but it’s a bit silly how he goes all Sherlock Holmes. The Magi must have had forensic training.

Nope. :(



Really? There’s no secret assassin base you can totally kit out? That’s like one of my favorite things to do in an AC game!


I know right? This is the worst news ever!


@lordkosc finally killed my first Phylakes! Thanks for the fire bomb tip :) I had to throw all 4 at him and hide in a hay stack and assassinate him 2 times (and use Senu as a distraction for jumping back in the hay) but he’s DEAD!

(Looked kind of funny when he dragged him back in the haystack for the final and successful assassination, and started reading the letter out loud while still lying in he hay. Seemed almost romantic)


I also cheese in a couple of heavy hits when riding a mount, then hop off, fire bomb, senu, a few more hits.

It works. :p


I’m almost done, level 32, need to get up to 35 I think before I can finish.

Even though my last 4 hours or so were story heavy, my 1/5 stars still stands :)


1 out of 5? So you HATE it?


So far, yeah.


I’m sorry to hear that, and also impressed that you manage to play a game that you hate that much.
So just out of curiosity- do you think you would have liked it a bit more if you hadn’t been playing it so intensely over a short period of time? Which I’m just assuming you’ve been doing.