Assassins Creed Origins - the Spoiler Edition


AC Syndicate was the Ubisoft Quebec team, I am VERY excited to see what they put out next. :)


Hopefully they’re doing the next game.


Yeah, I really liked how you could set up the main assassinations in Syndicate, and how it covered who you were assassinating and why they were bad.

Origins so far for me (30% store complete) has done a really piss poor job of setting up / giving backstory on main targets. :(

Its like they decided to make an open world game that is so beautiful, then realized with a year left till release, to add the Assassins Creed stuff to it. :|


Maybe they should mix up the two teams, and make The Greatest Assassins Creed Game ever.


Sooo… The Great Sphinx in game… It’s SMALL.

And solving the stone circles in game unlocks something here. :)


Oh, wait, those are the astrology puzzles, right? That must be what the map under the Sphinx shows. I had no desire to run (i.e. fast travel) all over the map to collect them, but I did take a screenshot of the map just in case.

So what does it unlock? Some weapon or costume?



Oh! Yeah I found that sandbox as well and took that same screen. Also want to know what they unlock!

That part in Giza, finding the entrances and climbing around inside the pyramids has so far been the most magical part of AC:O. I think I was holding my breath for a while there.


I’ve only found 5 stone circles so far, so I have no idea! :D

I figured we’d get some kind of loot outfit with the keys from killing the phylakes.


Ah, right, something else I never figured out. I didn’t find anyplace that needed a bunch of keys either.



Out of nowhere, doing a quest in the desert, I get the Conan what is best in life quote. :D

Love this game so much.

Also found a bow that lights itself on fire!


Huh, I’ve come across like 10 of those. Do you do the daily quests for that weird little kid? He always gives you a legendary item =)


I am lucky if I get 2-3 of his quests a week, I can’t play every day. :p


Of course not, I didn’t mean that =) Maybe I’ve just been lucky, finding a lot of firy crossbows.
Always looks so funny when he’s hiding in grass with his bow on fire. Seems like a not so very stealthy approach.


So did everyone finish the Secrets of the First Pyramids pre-order mission? Its a level 23 mission if I recall correctly… Just average overall, still it let me see a few cool things.



What is thiissss!!
I actually stuck to Syndicate all week. I figured I wanted to finish it since jumping between them was annoying, but now I just want to get back to Origins again =(


Don’t recall a mission with that name and I did pre-order? I haven’t seen the marine mission either and I am level 38.


Did you explore the older pyramids area? It just popped up on my list one day while I was doing Eagle Viewpoints.

I recently finished up The Lizzard set of missions, I am not getting a good feeling about Aya and Bayek’s overall martial strength. She seemed a bit upset she couldn’t go out to kill. I also was upset I couldn’t go do a mission as her. I am at like 40 hours played, of which maybe 20 minutes was with her, on a boat. :|


Yea, was in the Pyramids area several times. Maybe I just missed it?

You get to play a bit as her later on but can’t customize her. I do not understand why they did not go the same route as in Syndicate. What a shame as she seems to be more interesting to me.


Can I talk about the end of the game yet?


Its the spoiler thread… so yeah, just mention END GAME CONTENT or something along them lines beforehand. Or blur it or do one of them hide and click for drop downs. Its a long game and only out 2 weeks, so not everyone has finished it yet. :p