Assassins Creed Origins - the Spoiler Edition


Finished up the last side quest in Leotopolis , love how they explained why the city was being swallowed by the desert. :D

Did a few story quests, can’t believe how they killed Hotephres’s daughter. D:

I am now down in Krokodilopolis, saving people from crocodiles and out for more vengeance. :p

Anyone know a good location to find carbon? I have 4 upgrades pending, can’t find carbon other than random chests every once in awhile.


You can only find it in treasure chests.


Not true - The boy trader has it as well - 30 pieces for 3000 a piece.


Oh right, totally forgot about that guy. I spend hours hunting treasure chests for the last piece I was missing… Oh well was a fun time.


Its VERY expensive though - I have under a thousand gold currently at level 40 :-D


Finally found the last stone circle! Finished up that side quest, I guess it was worth it, I did see a few cool things. :p

SPOILERS obviously w/lots of pics....

Honor your son:

Back to the Sphinx:

Hope you’ve been collecting silica!

Your reward is glow armor:


Well after the last mission before the start of the “this is it , once this starts we won’t stop until she is on the throne” one my game glitched and I had 999999 belts or something in my inventory to sell. So money would not have been an issue.


Thanks for posting that, Lord King of South Carolina! I figured it would just be some reward that I didn’t care about. And it’s strictly cosmetic, right? No gameplay effect whatsoever? You just get to run around looking like, uh, Boba Fett, I guess.



Now to this thread, to talk about more story elements and other potentially spoilery things.

I was OK with the ‘current’ storyline. Seems like they’re setting up another Desmond, in that I assume we’ll be spending more sequels with Layla. Also seemed like an appropriate amount of time in the ‘current’ timeline w/o doing anything really stupid (hello Revelations). But I would have liked to know what happened to Rebecca (wasn’t she hurt at the end of Syndicate?), and I missed Shaun, especially his entries into the codex, which was missing this time around. I don’t think they need to necessarily spend a ton of time (ala AC3) in the current timeline, but there is still the war going on b/t the Templars and the Assassins, and it’d be nice to get a little more update as to what’s going on there.

As for the past part of the story, still not sure what to make of the 6 entries from ‘those who came before.’ It feels like they’re almost trying to reboot or retool that part of the story. But isn’t Juno loose in the internet? Is she still causing havoc? She clearly wasn’t defeated with Desmond saved Earth, but no mention anywhere of any of that part of the story. And then there’s the whole concept that Desmond only delayed the inevitable. That the ‘destruction’ of Earth (people wise, anyway) can’t be stopped because the next ‘node’ needs it to happen. Yet it also seems to imply (to me) that Layla’s version of the Animus could do more than just ‘experience’ the past - it could somehow change it by - and I’m not sure about this - somehow altering which version of the timeline happened (sort of a multi-verse theory), and that maybe that could prevent the Earth from being wiped out? Again, that’s sort of what I took from it - be interested to see what others think about that.


Picked this up again after a little hiatus. 50hrs played, level 38 now. I am pretty shocked how many missions/boss fights in closed areas they toss at you near the end. Dammit Ubi Developers , please work on pacing. I still have 2 people on my assassin board so I must be getting pretty close to finishing the main story.

Aya seems so wasted in this game, every time I get to play as her its too short and I feel I am weak because she seems to have just starting level skills.


Finished this.

For me, the game kind of lost steam at around the 3/4 part. After that you’re basically doing the same thing you’ve done already many times and the story becomes repetitive as well.

Aya as a character really lacked any emotion and i felt no connection to her or between her and… well, anyone else. I’m not sure whether it is the writing, the voice actor or just that Bayek generally did very well in conveying emotion.

The ending was extremely disappointing. Story wise a lot of it felt forced and it didn’t really emotionally conclude stuff in a decent way. Gameplay wise I hate playing as Aya. In general, when i’ve spent dozens of hours customizing a character, i’m going to have some trouble going to another character. Aya also uses dual blades which are HORRIBLE weapons. On hard these weapons did EXTREMELY low damage making every fight a pain in the ass, especially the very last fight.

The sea battles in this game lack the depth to truly be fun for more than a few battles. At the end of the game i was dreading being forced to do yet another sea battle and this is coming from someone who loved Black Flag.

I’ve played about half of AC1 and beat Black Flag, so maybe i would have enjoyed the story more if i had the full background, but as i didn’t, i feel like the writers planned out the first half of the game and then the very end, then they randomly made up the rest as they went.

Overall I liked the game, but it is damaged somewhat by a low to medium quality ending and being forcefully stretched out too long.


A final , unavoidable, bossbattle, with a character you have NOT yourself designed, in a skills- and gearbased action rpg, is a terrible, terrible choice to make.


Sadly, I totally lost interest in this game after reaching level… 33 I think. Killed 3 Phylakes, killed The Hyena and The Snake (i think? The one after that HORRID nightmare where he fights this giant snake in a boat, I hated that part).
I don’t know, I kind of got bored with all the missions, even though a few of them were pretty interesting, they all FEEL the same when you start doing them.

Not sure whether I’m just fed up with open world games at the moment, I’m not giving up on this just yet.


I also disliked the snake boat fight. :(

I am near the end, sadly every time I play as Aya, I am disliking the game.

These are the dev’s that made AC4 right? So why are the boat missions in this game so horrible?


Oh sure, now everyone believes me.


Well it was like you drank a 2 liter of mountain dew in one sitting and complained it was too sweet. We just didn’t understand! You see we were slowly sipping it but now that we are finishing it, are finally agreeing with you. ;)

Also loot in game now seems useless (I think I am level 38), as I have received so many great pieces from the once a day kid, every time I find something its trash and gets sold.


I’m not minding the missions as much as I thought I would when I started, even if few of them are really imaginative. It helps that the side missions are not as (explicitly) regimented in type as they were with Syndicate, so I’m not going into them thinking “Oh god, not another investigation mission” or whatever. There’s still only a relatively small handful of verbs involved, but they mix things up a bit more freely. It also really helps that you can drop what you’re doing mid-mission and come back to it later. That’s a real game-changer.

Overall, the game feels like a decent stepping stone to something better. They had to do something to shake things up, and they have, but it’s clearly not the finished article. As mentioned above the upgrade and loot box system makes random loot pointless. Combat is not quite there, and too loose to be satisfying when you win. I miss the economic stuff from the previous games.

Snake boat fight wasn’t great, but I didn’t find it too bad either.


I really enjoyed the game - just not the final fight.


I must be near the end of the main quest, something about speaking to Aya one last time.

Not sure what they were thinking with this stretched out slow burn ending, but its just not interesting. :|


Wait thats not how I was taught , regarding Et Tu, Brute ?


Main quest done, probably 30 or so side quests left, and now the new DLC is out.

Wish the story didn’t feel so rushed at the end, and that Aya was given more playtime that didn’t take place on a boat.