Assassin's Creed: Shadows: two characters, changing seasons, a grappling hook!

November 15th for this. Sounds reasonably interesting. Two characters, perhaps like Syndicate. Changing seasons… grappling hook!

I am here for the anti-woke brigade freaking about about Yasuke, without knowing that he’s an historical figure. (And also, per Ubi, the first historical protagonist in an AC game.)

I didn’t watch the trailer in detail, but it’s interesting to see how Ubisoft approaches the marketing for a mainstream audience: an emphasis on the characters, with some catchy music thrown in there. Compare to that to your typical Team Ninja CG trailer with a bunch of dour Asian men grunting at each other (and occasionally some monsters).

Wait… wait… is this an actual full-on 3D Assassin’s Creed game set in Asia? That’s unpossible! Not gonna lie, this looks pretty awesome, but also there have already been Ghosts of Tsushima and Rise of the Ronin.

Haven’t had a chance to watch or read much yet, is this more of the continued evolution of the Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla formula, or more of its own new thing?

Most exciting thing to me there was the new hidden blade, w/ the 90 degree bend to it.

…well, as expected, the capital G gamers are already crying in their echo chambers about the evil black man the wokies forced into in their video game. Like the utterly predictable little bitches they are.

I’d say he’s an interesting choice, particularly to being somewhat of an outsider in the setting despite being historical. If Ubisoft wasn’t on my shitlist for a myriad of different reasons, I’d be tempted to give it a try.

Seems we’re getting a samurai game for every period now…

Ghost of Tsushima for the Kamakura period,
Assassin’s Creed: Shadows for the Sengoku period,
and Rise of the Ronin for the Edo period.

I’ve been waiting for AC: Shogun/Samurai for years! This looks good.

I just hope they don’t include any magical, mythical bullshit to it like they did with the last couple of games and keep it (somewhat) grounded in reality.

Why announce game with shitty CGI trailer and no gameplay…so dumb

I’ll disagree with that: I like that Assassins Creed has generally tied its historical period into the beliefs and myths that would have been consistent with that period. Since all the AC games are ostensibly playing a historical period through the lens of a character that actually lived in that period, it makes sense that those mythological beliefs would be “real” to that character, and tie into their lives. So I, personally, hope that continues with a game based in Japan and would have Japanese myths layered into the game.

Layered into the game like, “Oh, there are some temples here” or characters are talking about myths, or an actual combat encounter with Oni or Kitsune?

Something like Origins or Odyssey, where the beliefs of Bayek and Cassandra (or other guy I guess, if you played them) factored into their stories. They did end up fighting some mythological creatures (which weren’t really mythological creatures so much as precursor entities, though they didn’t know that) as part of their storylines. If that kind of thing makes its way into Shadows I wouldn’t be bothered.

I find it hard to be excited by an AC game these days, after Valhalla and all the recent Ubisoft shenaningans, though the return to double protagonists (as in Syndicate) does sound good to me. But yeah, I no longer trust Ubisoft to make a good AC game, and even if they do, I doubt I’ll buy (sorry, I mean “pay to play but not own it because Ubisoft doesn’t believe in people buying games anymore and may invalidate my purchase without recourse at any time”) or play it. We’ll see.

The kunoichi angle is honestly interesting (though probably not really historical), even if I doubt that Ubisoft will give it the attention and care it deserves. I’d love to see a full female samurai kind of approach but I guess Blue Eye Samurai covers that already, and I doubt Ubisoft would be able to make anything nearly as good. And while there’s no historical evidence pointing to Yasuke being a warrior (though there is evidence that he was tall by Japanese standards, and fairly strong too), let’s face it, Ubisoft abandoned historical accuracy in AC games a long time ago. :D

Is Yasuke going to be an Assassin? If so, guess, the “hidden in plain sight” missions aren’t going to be a thing, since he was historically, quite noticeable.

Good point!

I don’t understand them going with a historical person for a player character for the first time, except just to have a person of color be a main character. It would have been cooler if you just encountered Yasuke in your travels or maybe had a questline tied to him. Wasn’t Yasuke just a blip in Samurai history?

The time that we know that he was for sure in Japan, was short, a few years. But apparently there’s no record of his life after that time, so, plenty of room to do whatever.

  1. They wanted a samurai main character. That was in the design brief from the beginning of development.
  2. They wanted a character who could be written to have an in-game reason to be “discovering” the wider world of Japan around him and was not as well-versed as a native-born samurai might be.
  3. As DarthMasta points out, there’s also plenty of unknowns around his life and time in Japan that can be adapted to whatever story they want to tell.

There’s a gameplay trailer coming in a few weeks, at UbiFWD. I saw it a few months ago and was impressed, FWIW.

All I ever wanted from Ubisoft is to keep making Origins/Odyssey but in other places and I hope this will be it.

Also Samurai/Ninja player characters make me hopeful for devs solving that issue they had with stealth and fighting balance. Samurai can be limited in movement and stealth options, ninja can be incentivised to not enter open combat and rely on social stealth. It might get weird in open world more than usual if sidequests do not distinguish between vastly different characters though.