Assassin's Creed: Shadows: two characters, changing seasons, a grappling hook!

William Adams seems like the other obvious candidate for a historical protagonist. Maybe they felt like he had already been done.

I haven’t been interested in an Assassin’s Creed game since…buying Revelations from Toys R Us 12 years ago? The larger storyline just felt so low-effort SyFy to me that I couldn’t bring myself to care for future games.

I am cautiously interested in this based on setting and it being on my radar mostly boils down to how mad it is making people. Great marketing.

Are any of the more recent games worth checking out? I’m not adverse to the open-world-icon-filled-hellscape, I just don’t want to do too much Animus shit that leads nowhere fulfilling.

Valhalla. There’s so little Animus fuckery that it’s pretty much only a thing towards the end of the main quest.

I don’t recall how much animus stuff was in it, but for the recent games, I would say Odyssey is the best. If you get it, I recommend playing as Kassandra.

None of the regular games have that much ‘current world’ stuff in it. Origins has 3 scenes, all ‘solo’. I don’t remember Odyssey, but it wasn’t much more. Same with Valhalla. All 3 games are worth it, IMO.

I don’t think Valhalla is a good game, but none of the three game had much of a modern day stuff. Valhalla has the most of it and also assumes you know the story of Odyssey DLCs.

Origins is the best entry point no matter how you look at it.

Uh, it’s also the only game where the Animus things “intrudes” quite significantly with normal gameplay (“anomalies”). And the worst AC game I’ve played.

Of the recent ones, Odyssey was by far my favorite, and like Silent implied, it’s a much better game if you play with Kassandra instead of Alexios.


Being an assassins creed skeptic, I was surprised by Odyssey! My favorite of the “modern” AC games, in part because of the tongue-in-cheek Kassandra voice acting, in part because Greece was beautiful to run around in. I’ll grant you Origins settled areas were also quite nice to visit and just look at the architecture, but didn’t like the story or gameplay as much.

Meh. They’re skippable except for the two required by the main quest.

No, I mean the parts where you’re just exploring and suddenly the scenery starts to glitch. It felt way more intrusive than in any other AC game, and first time it happened I thought the game itself was glitching until I realized what it was.

I’d forgotten those bits. They were fun :)

Had time to watch the 2 videos released so far.

Me like! Glad to have 2 playable characters to bounce between, it worked really well back when I played AC: Syndicate.


I am dangerously close to be hyped.

More gameplay

Having watched some of this now I’m not seeing much of a next gen jump. Looks like Valhalla to me. From memory :) Star Wars Outlaws looked a bit richer.