Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Formerly 'Victory'



October 23rd on PS4, Xbox One. Autumn 2015 on PC


Getting a “Gangs of New York” (but in London) feeling. It’s missing the great wind flute music though.


Black Flag got me interested in the series again. Unity made it meh again…this looks like more Unity. Pass.


Are the streets going to be crowded with people again, making escapes a total pain in the arse? Like in Unity?


Who’s the VO actor at the beginning. Voice is so familiar it’ll drive me nuts trying to figure it out.


Yeah, they are clearly going for that, with the gangs stand-offs and all that.

In any case, I have to commend Ubisoft for not bullshitting us and showing the game as it is: repetitive side tasks (liberate x hostages!), repetitive structure (control x districtcs killing the enemies in each!), mediocre combat, piss easy stealth, and framerate that still has to improve.


One bit of good news for most people: This is single player only.


not even any Multiplayer?


If the game’s dialogue is anything like the mockney in the trailer, then it’s going to be awful.


More good news from Ubisoft.

“There will not be a companion app. For Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, the team wanted to focus all their efforts on the core experience.”

They learned some hard lessons from Unity.


Lets hope they learned them in time, in order to turn the game around and away from the Unity type of gameplay as well.


Oh, no. That won’t happen. The gameplay will be a copy+paste job. You’ll have to wait until the next AC game at least to see some fundamental changes.


aye , thats what I fear as well, unfortunately.


Just happened to notice a news item that Syndicate will reintroduce a present day storyline to the series. Kind of mixed feelings about that, but the present day stuff was always so goofy that it kind of charmed me, so maybe we’ll be getting more silly doomsday alien conspiracy stuff.


I think that’s terrific, though the claim that the last couple games served as “transitional” titles to a new story cycle sounds like revisionist history to me. The modern day storylines in BF and Unity were more like “We have no idea what to do with this.”


I must be the only guy who feels like the present day storyline is a big part of what Assassin’s Creed is all about.


Well, maybe not what it’s all about, necessarily (for me) but definitely the present day storyline conceit is what makes the whole thing so believable for me. It makes me buy in to all the concepts in the game, and makes the whole package so much better. Everything from the HUD to codec entries to the virtual tourist of ancient times aspect of the game.


I don’t mind the present day stuff, but it’s definitely not what I play the games for. I love the idea of idealogically opposed secret societies waging war on each other throughout history, it’s much more interesting to me than the weird precursor characters trying to take over the internet or whatever so they can rule the world. But like I said, the batshit insanity of all that has its charms too.


After Pirates I totally burned out on the series, I recall playing UNITY on a friends console and after the first “time travel” said NOPE. I might go back an play Rogue though , as I’ve been told its more like Pirates in the north.

Present day stuff was crap after the first game.


I’m hoping the Black Flag branch makes it to current gen, and those designers get to drop more and more of the old stuff.