Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Formerly 'Victory'


I played the vast majority of the game as Evie. A lot of the missions are Jacob-heavy, but you start picking up more with Evie later on.

You have earned even more brownie points.


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I checked the wiki and I am nearing Sequence 6. I like all the side activities except the bounty hunts, and of course it seems there are a ton of them. Whats the penalty if the person dies?

I have around 1/3 of the zones under my gang control now.

Right now if I had to rank all the AC games, this would be in my top 3.


If your bounty dies I think you get half the XP and money.

There’s only really one of those I never could get back alive in 3 playthroughs.


Only 3 zones of London left to take over, still quite a few side quests to do. I really like how they game isn’t as punishing if you do mess up. I will say the river area would have been extremely tedious without the line launcher.

Gangs are the highlight of this game, call yours in and taking over areas is wayyyy easy. Being able to call in a carriage full of Rooks is so sweet.

Bounty hunts are a lot easier if you control most of the area before doing them. Knocking out the person helps also. And I also like that you can take out an enemy gang leader before the final gang fight in that sector.

This AC team did one hell of a job hiding loot chests in plain sight. I bought a few treasure maps to get some easy cash/resources, and some the chests I must have passed a dozen times!

Anyone unlock the secret in the sewers, you have to collect music boxes for it. I am sure its not worth the work. :p

Gonna have this finished up by next week. Then onto Origins!


I liked the way that if you had gang members with you and you got in a carriage to small for them, they would hijack their own to keep up with you :)


The music boxes are by far not worth the work. You get couuuugh for haaaack and it’s not even good. Plus the thing is ugly as sin.


What other two games do you like best?


I like Syndicate a lot as well.

Not that anyone asked, but if I had to rank them, I’d go

  1. AC2
  2. Syndicate
  3. AC3 (I like the story and intro)


Wow, someone that’s on my side.


I asked! =)

I’ve only tried a bit of AC1, and I have Syndicate, but haven’t tried it yet. Also played a bit of Freedom Cry but I’m not a fan of shooting down ships, so I gave that up.

Thought I’d give a few of the best games a go before I play Origins, but I guess it doesn’t really matter much story wise.
Might get the Ezio collection though.


Since AC2 is the only one I hated, but I’ve only played up to Revelations, now I’m wondering if I’ll aslo hate Syndicate and AC3 Jason.


The Ezio stuff is probably the best, but I’m not sure how it has aged.


Don’t tell me you didn’t hate AC1?


So, I’m not sure about Syndicate, but AC3 is a weird one. It starts very very slow and isn’t the most engaging or interesting. I just like the characters.


I really like that as we’ve gotten a bit of distance from AC3, people have kind of come around on it. The game still has a terribly long tutorial and Conner is going to rub some folks the wrong way no matter what, but the foundation was solid, they introduced the ship combat mechanic that everyone loved in AC4, and the story was really good. I especially liked the village-building aspect.

The weakest part of AC3 for me was the fact that there just wasn’t much in the way of the normal AC tower vistas. Colonial America just didn’t have the buildings to pull it off.


It’s my favorite one. It starts off poorly, but then you see that view of Damascus, and then Acre and Jerusalem, man I love that game so much. Plus it isn’t padded out with busywork either. You just do a couple of quick activities, and do one of the 9 assassinations in the game. Each of the 9 is different and unique and fun, and happens in a different district in the 3 cities. So each of the 9 sections of the game features a different, new location, it features vantage points to climb, new places to explore, and then a unique assassination. This doesn’t happen again in any Assassin’s Creed. The whole game is tight, taking place over 11 hours of gameplay or so. Whereas Assassin’s Creed 2 starts the trend of taking the same area of open world space and filling it with dozens and dozens of hours of similar activity instead of the nice terse gameplay in the original.

Now, with that said, my second favorite is Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, which managed to fill Rome with over 120 hours of really good gameplay. Unlike Assassin’s Creed 2, the routes around the city were really well designed, the parkour was more fun, the assassinations were more fun, everything was better.

(In Assassin’s Creed 2’s defense, the last 20 hours of AC2 are very good, it’s just the first 80 hours I had a problem with. The last district you unlock in AC2 in Venice is finally well designed, the unique makeover of the city for festivals is inspired, and the story becomes a lot more interesting too. But I wish I didn’t have to suffer 80 hours of sheer boredom to finally get to that good part).


I’ve always loved AC3, and for a number of reasons. Tom has talked extensively about how enjoyable building up your little community and it’s citizens, and as Telefrog mentioned it’s the first (and in my opinion, best) implementation of the series’ ship-to-ship combat. But one thing that never really gets mentioned (except by me, and I talk about it a lot) is that it’s so far the only game that’s done anything with the idea that the Animus lets you replay memories, not necessarily actual events as they happened, and gives us an unreliable narrator for once.


Just chiming to say I agree. Those are my two favorite AC games as well.