Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Formerly 'Victory'


Another note, I should point out that unlike later iterations of the franchise, you won’t have to play for hours and hours. Unlike AC2 onwards, AC1 is very short. I played it for about an hour each evening after work. Each hour ended with an assassination at the end. So your perception of walking around for hours is probably colored by future AC games in the series.

Secondly, this is just one of those unique aspects of AC that I absolutely loved. The fact that stealth involved blending with the crowd instead of skulking in shadows? I loved it. The fact that it had a “low profile” and “high profile” way of making your way through the game? I loved it. It took some getting used to, but once you did, it was such an innovative way of traversing the game world. Instead of worrying about pressing a button to jump, you just control high profile or low profile, and your character takes care of the rest. I loved it. It added to the flavor of being an observer of someone else’s memories of events as opposed to creating events yourself.


AC1 may be the shortest, if you can power through it, but by the fourth assassination contract it was becoming such a repetitive slog that I just couldn’t go on.


I talked about this the other day over on nGAF, people were listing, so I listed!


3 Murrica!
4 Black Flag

Ezio trilogy was the pinnacle of AC for me.


I certainly was excited when the first AC came out but really didn’t like it because of how tied down you were in the way you had to perform each assassination


And you couldn’t swim, and like 15% of the stuff takes place over water. Ugh that instant de-sync in AC 1.

Back to Syndicate, I was doing a very strange train robbery as there were no enemies on board , the usual 3 things to steal.

I steal the stuff, unhook the engine from the rest of the cars (for the lulz) and I hear a whistle all of a sudden! That’s my HQ train! I look left and its cruising the other set of tracks headed right toward me.
Easiest escape ever!

Side note, Charles Darwin makes no sense in this game, but his beard is fantastic.



Yeah, I still think I like Brotherhood best, then AC3 and maybe Unity third because of that awesome grenade launcher with a bayonet. And then all the rest are jumbled up at fourth place because I’m lazy and I didn’t really hate any of them, some just make no impression. Probably Syndicate and Revelations felt the most like treading water to me.


Alright, so… I still want to play all of them. And I just MIGHT give AC1 one more mission before I give it up.
I have played Chronicles actually, I just didn’t really think they counted. I liked China and India, but by the time I hit Russia, I was pretty tired of the series.


We used to be friends. Am so sad right now.


Look at it this way, if we matched up 100% it would be weird. And what would we have to argue about?


I don’t like arguing about games, it seems like a silly thing :)


I like arguing about everything. Maybe I should have been a lawyer.


Well on the other hand I’d be happy to repeat ‘I highly dislike the direction they’re taking AC: Origins’ until I’m blue in the face. I don’t expect anyone to care though. Hitboxes, shields, spears, pfffht.


I’d argue that statement, except that at this point mainly I just feel apathetic about the whole AC franchise. Looking at this, it doesn’t look exactly like a “treading water” entry of the series, but it doesn’t look like what it’s adding is very interesting to me. Looks kind of MMO-y to me, actually, with the loot grinds and levels and such. I do like the tourist option where you can drop the combat and sightsee. But I don’t see this as a day one purchase for me.


Those games are a terrible advertisement for the series in general. Completely different play style, and not nearly the same quality level they hit in 2 and have generally sustained.


It’s lamer than you might think.


2 city zone left to take over, loving my gang now that its maxed at level 9 and has all the special characters unlocked. They cause one hell of a commotion if I tell them to fight.

Almost wrapped up the sequence 5 missions.

Did anyone else play the dreadful crime cases? They are simple but fun. Give me a batman detective feel. :D


No, because they’re a PS4 exclusive. Fuck you very much, Ubi.


Ummm they were $2 on the uplay store, for PC.


I stand corrected. However to this day it remains unreleased on the Xbone, which is the platform I play AC games on.


Ahh that sucks to hear. They are actually decent and each is a solid 10-15 minutes of deduction!