Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Formerly 'Victory'


Wait, what? You hated the ENVIRONMENT? It’s stunning! =(


Lol, I hear you, but it IS Assassins Creed… I think one of the main reasons I enjoy their games, even when they lack more interesting stuff, is just that - that I’m supposed to be sneaking up and stabbing people from behind / above / below. I enjoy that. A lot.


yup. i dont expect much from an AC game but stabbin and sneakin and some rollicking easy fisticuffs. also beautiful and interesting environments to do it in.

imo jacob and evie are almost as good as ezio was.

its all taste and opinion of course.


Oh, and have you ever done a Bounty Hunt for a real long time, slowly killing off everyone around your target without ever being detected, kidnapping your target and walking incredibly slow up to a coach, order a wagon of Rooks to escort you and the second you get to the drop off zone, you get a blue screen and the message “an error has occured” on you PS4 and then you are kicked back to do it all from the beginning so then you just kill yourself instead? :):):)))))))

Good times.


Stupid consoles.


I appreciate the artistry but have no love for the color palates or general appearance. It’s all so foggy and grey and brown and dull. I guess that era in London just isn’t my thing.


Off topic, but I always figured Victorian London has to at least look way better than more contemporary London, which was essentially rebuilt after the Blitz. I visited 3 times during the 80s, and London has got to be the most boring looking Metropolis in the world. Of course that might have changed during the last 3 decades. I see images of London now with some more interesting modern architecture.

Of course, one problem with even exploring beautiful cities in Assassin’s Creed games is that you’re so often seeing a Roof’s eye view of the city. I love Paris in real life, it’s my favorite city, followed by San Francisco. But Paris is gorgeous at street level, but when you get a view from the top of Notre Dame, or from the Eiffel Tower, or from Sacre Coeur, all you see are these ugly rooftops. I haven’t played Assassin’s Creed Unity yet, but man, rooftops are the one really ugly part of Paris. I didn’t pay much attention to London rooftops, but I suspect I might feel the same about them.


Right, real London is horrible. Assassin London did have different areas with different atmospheres.

I think I can safely say rooftop Paris looks pretty ok in Unity though :) In London they actually introduce the slidey grappling thing, which makes the experience a little different as you spend a lot of time hanging above streets.


One weird thing: I am at sequence 7 now, and up until this point, I have NEVER been able to switch between Jacob and Evie (after the prologue, where you could make a switch right at the beginning).
So the only way to actually switch between them is to take on one of their missions.
Why is that?

Also - Jacob is so nice to the horses when he’s driving carts. I like him so much more for that.


I couldn’t switch on the train, but I could switch once I got off.


Yeah I had no issues switching when standing perfectly still outside of a mission.


My bad. Thought you had to be on the train to switch. Apparently you need to be anywhere BUT the train.

Question about the DLC’s - should they be played before or after the ending of the main story, or does it not matter?


Jack the Ripper DLC takes place after the main game story from what I recall reading, its why I skipped it for now, I’ll revisit after I finish Origins.


Waaay after. (Jack the Ripper, I mean)


Ok, thanks! :)

Having some real trouble completing taking over the boroughs, I only have one Bounty Hunt in Westminster left, but the game crashes EVERY time I try to deliver. Fourth time I’ve tried now (with rebooting and closing and opening) - kind of makes me want to throw this all to hell :(


aww that sucks, K :(

I finished all of London, started doing that at lvl4 and am now at 9. The stuff left (story stuff, side quests) is ridiculously easy with my overpowered master asassin dude and dudette :D


Yeah I’m also only doing the story stuff now, and the various ally missions, with both at level 10, all skills unlocked and all gang perks upgraded :D so much fun. So far, I like Dickens sides the best, and probably Marx the least.

Also have a bugged Clara O’Dea, she has a quest, but every time I walk up to her, her marker disappears and I don’t get the option to talk to her. Hm.
That last bounty hunt should work at some point. Maybe try it once every other day or something.


Glad to see some of you getting near the end. Report back what you think of the final fight. I enjoyed it more than the other games in the series.


I recently finished the main story and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the last mission. There was a clever back and forth element to the last fight that I would have liked to have seen adopted in other missions. I managed to get through it without reloading it at any point so I was never frustrated. It definitely helped leave me with a positive impression of the game.

This doesn’t always happen for me. Sometimes an otherwise great gaming experience gets marred by an end game sequence.