Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Formerly 'Victory'

Are you sure your SSD isn’t going bad? This doesn’t sound normal.

Yeah that does not sound normal, use a free tool and check the drive. All my ssds are Crucial so I use their tool.

Doesn’t happen in any other application, and the SSD (a Samsung EVO 850) is fairly new. It’s an audio-related bug I’m pretty sure, as the one commonality is the sound cutting out. Doesn’t happen in Odyssey, either, just Origins and Syndicate. There were a ton of bugs in both games on launch, and more than a few centered on audio issues.

I’ve played through Syndicate 6? times and have never seen such a thing, something is up somewhere.

My drive checks out fine. I did update my video drivers, so we’ll see what’s up there. I use a USB headset, so I’ll check it’s settings, as I hear there can be issues with a mismatch between surround and non-surround sound settings.

Of course, it could well be that my six year old CPU/mobo combo is the culprit, but again, no issues elsewhere.

I gather that you also maybe checked for an updated sound hardware driver (since you mentioned that possibility)?

The Corsair headset drivers seem up to date too. I tried the solutions I found online, namely, disabling the overlay and cloud saving, but it didn’t help much. It still loses sound for a second or two when the save icon comes up, usually, and it crashes at the save icon within ten to twenty minutes of starting the game. It’s a hard lock. I switched to borderless windowed mode so I can actually Task Manger-end the game when it does that, and sometimes switching to that mode helps, but not here.

I am wondering if I set the display for the game (in game options) back to 60hz rather than 144hz if that would help. While I had some minor stuttering issues when the save icon came up in Origins, I had no issues in Odyssey, and no issues in other non-AC games. In Syndicate, too, the save game icon seems to come up a lot, more than in the other games.

Baffling. I am really digging the game, too, which sucks even more. Reinstalling the whole shebang now, after a verify files scan didn’t help.

What I actually meant with sound hardware driver was the one for your motherboard (or sound card, if you’re truly old-school). Have you checked that?

It also could be down to a RAM issue. Those can be a pain to diagnose, and memtest86+ isn’t always infallible at catching them. Prime95 is what worked for me back when I had totally random BSODs in a previous machine (not what you’re seeing, I realize).

The USB headset acts as its own soundcard, I thought. Does the mobo sound stuff even matter?

Oh, perhaps you’re right on that score-- I don’t know. As an experiment, is playing through speakers an option, to see if the problem occurs sans headset?

EDIT: After further (albeit very cursory) research it appears you’re right about the usb headset bypassing the normal system audio, in which case it would isolate the headset as the problem if playing through speakers using motherboard audio made the problem go away.

BTW, you mentioned that you were running the game at a very high refresh rate-- I’m surprised that the game supports that. Maybe try 120 or even 90 fps?

If all else fails, see if you’ve got a RAM problem. It may be one that’s only triggered by very particular things the game does (usually having to do with whatever DRM scheme it uses).

Switching to 60 from 144hz seems to have done the trick. I recently bought a new monitor and I’ve enjoyed running games at the higher refresh rate, but it seems this game has a bone to pick with that. Going back to a sedate 60 with vsync seems to have made things all better.

Hooray, glad you got it figured out, and good to know. I myself had a strange issue with the graphics settings of a different Ubi game, namely Watch Dogs 2, with my G-Sync monitor. Not crashing, per se, but crappy frame rates + screen tearing, precisely what G-Sync is supposed to solve. Turns out the game has both fps limit AND monitor refresh rate settings in its advanced graphics options. You’ve got to get both right or you’re not going to have a good time.

Why is my base on a train? This is very inconvenient. Why are there missions initiated from on the train that the train doesn’t actually take you even close to?

I asked myself that question as well. I also had issues parsing the map icons properly, but that’s probably on me.

I liked the train HQ, you can upgrade it!

Yeah, the decision to make your home base a train is one of many weird/bland/curious decisions in the game that ultimately added up to a somewhat unsatisfying experience for me, in a setting I should love more than any other AC milieu.

I’m still in whatever sequence it is that first turns you loose, maybe 3 or 4, trying to liberate Lambeth.

I realize I’m still facing pretty weak opposition, but it’s hilarious how quickly Evie became an unstoppable silent murder machine with some trivial grinding in the fight clubs to grab all her throwing knife skills.

Everything’s an auto-aimed, single shot, silent insta-kill and I can carry up to 20 knives already. It’s a minor thing but it’s very satisfying.

The zip line is a nice perk, the carriages are comical to drive, and otherwise I’m basically playing AC Unity 1.1. But for some reason I was motivated to get this one off my backlog, so “pleasantly unremarkable” is fine for now.

Evie the Death Machine was why I was having so much fun in this one. Reminds me I need to go back to it. Those zip line kills are so gratifying. It’s the only AC I’ve played where I actually really enjoyed the “combat”.

The zip line was a great addition, which is why I am sad the franchise didn’t keep going forward in time. :(

I liked this one ok, except for the odd crashing problem that kept me from actually playing it reliably.