Assassin's Creed - the movie starring Fassbender


Dubstep hip hop music and the Spanish Inquisition don’t really seem like a natural pairing.


Yeah, that looks like 99% CGI awful. Maybe not “Gods of Egypt” awful, but pretty bad.


I’m glad they kept the Animus, it wouldn’t be Assassin’s Creed without the animus. I think the parkour and the action sequences look cool. And the Spanish Inquisition is a setting we haven’t seen in the games yet, so that’s kind of exciting too. I’m cautiously optimistic after seeing that trailer.


I’m actually pretty surprised at how much they took from the games.


That looks pretty good. The only thing that seems slightly odd to me, as someone who has played all the games, is that Fassbender is playing both the current day and past characters. I mean, this being a Hollywood product, of course he would. I am just wondering in the inevitable sequel if we’ll get to see his take as an Italian man, and then an American Indian?


Seems like the kept the same kind of music mismatch from the first couple of Assassin’s Creed games.

Actually, when dubstep hits my ears, it feels a little bit like the Spanish Inquisition.


I think it’s safe to say nobody expected that!


Don’t they know that you’re only allowed to put slowed down, moody piano covers of popular white people music under these kinds of trailers?


Apart from the terrible music it looks good. Fassbender fits perfectly. The music is really weird though. AC game trailers have always had absolutely fantastic music selections (jesper kyd!) (unkle!) (unkle remix!) (justice!) (woodkid!) (lorde!)


Why is everyone shocked they borrowed so much from the game? It’s a video game movie. The game(s) offer some of the most cinematic venues and action sequences that easily translate to the screen. If they didn’t, what would an Assassin’s Creed movie actually be? Aside from opening chests that is.

I still completely hate all of the Animus stuff.

— Alan


Well, this looked way better than I thought, from you peoples reaction.

I do wonder whats up with the faux goth looks of all the assassins?


Just think of all the poor children of honest, hard-working musicians who have to go to bed hungry tonight because those arrogant swines at 20th Century Fox decided to ignore their parents’ perfectly serviceable Nu-Metal cover of “Raoul and the Kings of Spain” in favour of Kanye.


I would agree that this has to have some visually stunning scenes in order to follow the game path. I like the Animus idea, although what they show in that trailer isn’t exactly what I want to see.


There’s interesting stuff to speculate in that trailer, though. The Animus contraption looks weird, like they’re starting the bleeding effect training in this first movie. Which kind of makes sense, otherwise present-day Fassbender has nothing to do but talk to dudes in lab coats. However this indicates that it’s going to be Abstergo, i.e. the Templars, that are trying to train him to be an actual assassin, and not the Assassins themselves (which started happening after the Assassins broke him out in the second game). Are they trying to mold him into a Templar? That seems like the easiest guess.


Also, I like their choice in casting the actress who plays Kristen Bell in the movie. She has a certain Kristen Bell-like quality to her.


So according to an IGN article 2/3 of the movie takes place in the present…cause that’s what was the best and most interesting part of the games…

Interest in the movie just took a nosedive…


The majority of the movie is present-day Abstergo animus stuff? That’s…unfortunate.


Say whaa???

That’s horrific.

— Alan


And Fassbender is a great low-rent substitute for Nolan North.


That is probably a deal killer.