Assassin's Creed - the movie starring Fassbender


Oh dear, I wasn’t clear enough.

We get it, you don’t like Assassin’s Creed games or the unreleased Assassin’s Creed movie.

And yes, it doesn’t look like it’ll win any awards. Neither do the games. I still love them anyway.


Wrong again! I’ve played and enjoyed almost all of them. (I didn’t care for the first one as much as the rest, but I saw the potential.)


Color me mistaken then, I’ve gotten the wrong impression over the years.


I think I was mistaken as well, I was also under the impression you didn’t like the AC games. I guess I can’t put my finger on why I thought that though, so if you enjoy the series by all means, continue to do so!


Historical tourism and stealth killing? What’s not to like? I love the AC series. They’re usually the only open-world games I can stand to 100%.

Heck, I’m one of the few people that actually went to bat for Unity’s combat, which I thought was a lot more engaging and less one-at-a-time formulaic than other AC games.


;) I hated combat so much in Unity.


I’m with Telefrog on that one - there’s at least two of us! Oh and regarding the movie - early reviews are looking pretty brutal. This may have to go on the old Netflix queue.


some sort of 15th century enemy Knight scrambles along a rooftop on his horse.

Wait, I thought horse climbing was a Skyrim thing.


It’s a nod to the witcher 3 :P


One of the things that has turned me off the movie is that in the trailers they show the Animus as some kind of weird mechanical machine orchestrating (or moving because of) the actions of Desmond Miles. Maybe in the movie it looks better but in the trailers it just looks stupid.

I love the games and would love for this to be good, but I will wait for reviews before I even consider going.


Sometimes after I see a movie, I’ll wander into another theater to watch a few moments of a movie I’m not sure whether I might want to see. If it looks good, as soon as I realize it looks good, I’ll immediately leave and put it on my mental list of movies to see.

I wandered into Assassin’s Creed tonight. At no point did I feel compelled to leave.



So if someone was showing a 24 hour marathon of bad movies and you set foot into the theater, you’d basically be unable to leave until it’s over?

Also, I thought theaters frowned on wandering into other movies. I guess I never tried.


I used to do it a lot when I was younger. Like when I was straight out of college and working a job in Birmingham, Alabama. It is frowned upon for sure. And I never did it if the second viewing (that I didn’t pay for) was even close to being full. Also it bothered me a lot if the second movie actually turned out to be good and the first one was bad. Because officially my money went to the box office numbers of the first one, not the better second one.

Now I look back and think “how did I even have time to watch two movies in a row?”


So what’s the moral of the story?


I used to “double feature” movies all the time. I remember a cousin and I catching Top Gun and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off together, just walked into one right after the first was done. I thought that was kind of accepted for the longest time since no one really paid much attention, but theaters are more careful to check tickets when entering these days.


Back in the day double features were common. I remember as a kid seeing several double features. Now that would be impossible, even if I liked both movies.


Dear God. I just saw this literally 6 ft from the screen. My local cinema has fewer, larger seats now and this was more popular than I anticipated. So turning up later meant we got the seats way up in front. Thankfully they recline but even so :/

Anyway, it was actually better than I expected. They managed to make 200 hours of assassining into two reasonably coherent hours of movie. The modern day focus wasn’t too bad. The callback to the games were fine. I wouldn’t recommend it to a non-gamer but any AC fan, sure.


I’m sure they’d much rather have another $15 from me, so in that sense, they frown on it. And sometimes there are people in front of an individual theater checking ticket stubs. There would be no other reason to do this besides keeping people like me from seeing a second movie. But out here in LA, that’s pretty rare. I suspect mostly, they don’t care? The theater chains make their money when I get hungry and thirsty, not when I come to see their movies.

And, to be fair, I’m basically stealing a viewing of the movie if I stay. Which is a dick move, but I’ve got all sorts of rationalizations. They include things like “I go to theaters waaay more than the average moviegoer”, “movie tickets are too expensive!!!1!!”, and my all-time favorite “everybody’s doin’ it!”

I know the feeling! Sometimes I see things for the podcast that really suck, and I kind of know they’re going to suck ahead of time. So if I’m going somewhere that doesn’t have assigned seating*, I’ll buy a ticket for a different movie that doesn’t suck. And then I go see the sucky movie. It’s about as ethical as vote-trading, which I’ve also done. But one man’s ethics is another man’s “gaming the system at whatever minuscule degree I can”.


* which is pretty much never, these days


That was my porn name.


One week box office check.

$125 million estimated production budget.

$36.5 million total worldwide box office.

Humongous flop.