Assassin's Creed - the movie starring Fassbender


I quit at about the halfway point. Another shit video game movie…


Well, admittedly I did stop two or three times out of sheer boredom, but was determined to go back to it and finish it, in the vain hope that there might be an interesting scene or two somewhere.

The sad thing is that the ingredients were there, great actors, huge budget…but the writers and directors just fucked everything up.

It is depressing that Hollywood is still so shitty, Hitman got fucked over twice, now AC, I assume Splinter Cell or Uncharted will be next.


God help us all.


Finally saw this movie. It’s so awful. I have no idea why someone thought the best way to do this movie was some sort of weirdo mind game. I stopped to make dinner in the middle of it, kept it going, and when I came back felt like I hadn’t missed a thing.

I think others said it above. If they stuck in the past and got rid of the entire modern part and just did some fun stuff with assassins it would have been better. I don’t care if it stuck to the game plots or not… this was terrible, like maybe The Great Wall terrible except better acting than that one.


That’s my exact thinking on the AC games as well.