Assassin's Creed Unity gets a close shave


Did assassins in revolutionary Paris have neatly trimmed facial hair? You betcha! At least, that’s what the historical records at Edge Shaving Zone show. Players of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity can purchase “limited edition” Edge shaving cans to find codes that will unlock exclusive in-game gear. Groom yourself and snag a hood for your assassin. If there’s one thing the Assassin’s Creed series has taught gamers, it’s that hooded garments were in really short supply throughout the eras.

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This stinks.


This is a new low in terms of "exclusive" locked content in games.

In terms of marketing, it's pretty smart. How many kiddies are going to get their first facial hair while playing games? How will they choose their shaving cream for the next 50 years? Well, we got this limited edition thingy right here...


I guess it's a good sign for capitalism that AXE's monopoly on men's hygiene that say "Don't fuck me!" has finally been broken.


I approve this message as being historically accurate.


If Edge Shave gel is for Assassin's Creed fans I assume Barbasol is for Bioshock fans?


In a CCG called Jyhad, the "first player" is said to have the "edge". Many years ago, I used to play with a group of guys who had an empty travel-sized can of Edge that was used to designate who had the, well, "edge". So it's my experience that this product has a long history of being related to games.


"Groom yourself and snag a hood"

Use a product that doesn't foam and then you won't have that problem, ladies.


I think they were talking about U2.


Only Assassin’s Creed Unity can save Notre Dame!