Assassin's Creed: Unity - Vive la révolution!

Finally, the Assassin’s Creed games come to Paris.

Due this holiday season.

No pirates? NO!

Yay! That looks so damn good! Now, which revolution would that be then? Bastille? Thats probably the one most people know about.

Not my favorite theme, but then I again, I thought the same about AC3’s and I loved it in the end.

I’m looking forward to it - 18th century Paris is perfect for AC rooftop parkour. Plus the French Revolution is a setting where the series’ paranoid conspiracy rambling will actually fit in quite nicely.

Well, they’ve already busted out the guillotines in that video, so it has to be a year or two after the storming of the Bastille. I assume the game (like AC3) will cover several decades.

Yesssss! That looks great. I’m really looking forward to that. That gives me a deadline too: I have to finish AC3 and AC4 by Holiday 2014.

I’ve been to Paris a half dozen times, and while I love love love Paris from the ground level, I never enjoyed my views of Paris from over the rooftops. The view from the top of Notre Dame, from the top of the Arch, from the Eiffel Tower, is mostly of ugly looking Parisian roofs. I love their architecture from the ground level though. So I hope the city has a nice parkour flow to it from the ground level too, not just the rooftops.

The real question is what annoying character type will they use as the people that will get in your way and try to trip you up during runs?

I was feeling pretty burned out on the whole AC formula after Black Flag, but this might keep me going. OK, I’m pretty sure it will - I love the books of Alexandre Dumas, if I get to play as a musketeer that will be even better. I hope the new protagonist is more flamboyant like Ezio, less stoic and blank like, well, all the rest.

Three Musketeers?

No thanks, I had a heavy breakfast.

The French Musketeer Corps was disbanded in 1776 - D’Artagnan and the rest operated in the 1650s. So off the timeline by quite a bit.

If I were to guess at a fictional inspiration, I’d more suspect something along the lines of the “Scarlet Pimpernel”.

I knew the Revolution occurred well after the timeline of D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers, but I was not aware that they were disbanded before the Revolution began. Bummer, but I am still interested. Just slightly less so.

Aw damn, after the musketeers then.

The most interesting players in the French Revolution were lawyers and those in the finance ministry, anyway, not the military.

Sweet! I would play a Phoenix Wright Assassin’s Creed game any day.

Sansculscuttle the Girondins to the guillotines me laddies, and Frimaire me timbers, we’re going shivving on the Seine!


Nice, but I still need to play ACIV: Black Flag!

And I still need to find a PS4 so I can play Black Flag…