Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The game is yet to appear in my account and I still haven’t heard back from Ubisoft support. I doubt I’ll buy anything directly from Ubi Connect again.

As pointed out, there is. If on an Xbox gamepad, press X on the end node you want to refund. Or you can respec all.

I am almost level 80, went north for lulz I think its like 260 difficulty area, found a dozen or so fast travel points along the rivers as I was in Auto-sail mode.

Came across some kids in a village in the north west, helped settle some gridlocked voting issues. CAKE RAIDERS !

Doh. Never. Saw. That. Thank you!

Auto loot skill is a must, I can’t believe I played 25 hrs without it.

May be obvious, but just discovered on the small boats you can use, you can hit the sprint key to go faster.

And you go fast when you are on autopilot, too; it’s like “Eivor of Evenrude!”

Question - is it possible to act on the various messages you get in your personal chest in your quarters at Ravenstorphe? I got some kind of invitation to attend a coronation ceremony for Gaedric, and an invitaton to visit from a Bishop from the zone that I helped conquer with the help from Ivar, but I don’t actually know where to go or if anything happens when you get there (I tried fast travelling to some larger villages to make sure).

At least on the PC, autopilot is hit or miss for me. Sometimes it works great, other times it drops after a few seconds.

Autopilot goes to shit if it knows the river is blocked ahead in the fog, but you don’t.

Each time I enter a new zone I wonder if it will provide tier 3 upgrade materials so I can finally upgrade my weapons. And each time I’m disappointed.

I sniped a bunch of enemies on a dock. As I was looting their bodies, I noticed the “throw weapon” option appear, as I have that skill. Odd, I thought, as there were no enemies nearby.

That trout never knew what hit him.

Go North! At least I have come across some there.

Hit a point where it seemed the only “pledge” was a territory rather above me in power level (Gloucestershire?). Might have missed one, but that’s what I ended up with. I can still make it work, as Advanced Assassination and some other skills seem to equalize things a bit, though I have to be careful. Finally starting to get tungsten, which is good.

Some pretty nifty plot twists in the story arc, which is welcome.

I just wrapped up the Essex arc and the final battle that lasted about 10 minutes really highlighted what a great idea it was to allow players to get all the skills. Switching between melee and ranged at will, using abilities from both trees (who doesn’t love the wolf companion?), picking up weapons on the battlefield and throwing them at enemies, catching arrows midair and shooting back - 10 minutes full of really well flowing combat and nonstop carnage. Granted I’m power level 314 and the zone is 160 (playing on Drengr difficulty though) but the fight setpiece had you square up against elites of all kinds and I had to adjust my tactics all the time. Definitely one of the highlights of the game so far, and I’m even more excited about going into higher level zones now - who knows, I might even start using heavy shields!

Picked this up from the Xbox Black Friday sale, and after a couple hours I’m kind of on the fence about whether to keep or refund it. So far I’m on board with the premise, the side activities (I could see Orlog and Flyting being a lot of fun to travel around and challenge people in), the story, and the visuals/atmosphere, but feeling a bit flat on the combat and exploration, which isn’t ideal for the centerpieces that make up most of the game time.

Neither is outright bad, but the combat so far just feels messy and imprecise, with a lot going on that doesn’t seem to matter a whole lot. Meanwhile, exploration, even on the highest setting, seems to mostly amount to following the compass while holding A. There’s a lot of pretty mountainous terrain to traverse, but it feels like mostly set dressing that doesn’t affect much mechanically.

Will give it a bit more time (and also try out Watch Dogs) before deciding. Still hoping that things will pick up a bit when I get to England and unlock some active combat abilities.

So much this, it has me enjoying every cave and catacomb.

Yup, I’m basically treating the POIs as a tour guide that gets me around the map for some sightseeing. Never gets old, Lincolnshire that I just reached is amazing to look at.

Where are the trophies the hunter makes for you for killing the animal bosses? They’re supposed to be in your longhouse, but I’ve run all over it and I can find no trophies.

Norway is literally just the tutorial. The game per se starts in England, which arguably is a questionable decision on Ubi’s part, as I agree, the early bits can be a bit slow.

Combat IMO is quite good, once you get a few skills and abilities. And parrying/dodging matters a lot. Many important skills trigger off of successful parries or dodges, and tactical positioning gets very important as you face tougher enemies. The different weapons have their own specific feel, and while it’s never going to be a surgical strike type experience, there is plenty of room for finesse or brute force, or a little of both.

As an example, fighting say one of the very large “Goliath” heavy soldiers, who can grab you and fling you across the map (shouting anachronistically “have a good flight!”), you don’t want to get in a clinch with them. So, using one of the unlockable skills on the tree, you dodge at them as they power up their “red rune” heavy, un-parryable attack. This rolls you over them, and puts you in a position for a backstab attack. If you have the skill for increased backstab damage (and you should, you should!), you can then trigger a heavy attack or an ability attack and do some massive damage or even lay out the brute flat on his ass, ready for a Stomp or Stun Kill. In between this sort of thing, you fire off machine gun arrows (er, light bow attacks), and there is are skills that will make that sort of alternating range/melee attack even more powerful. Etc.

But fighting a group of light bandits or Cutthroats, you might do something quite different. You might go with an axe and shield, for parrying, or a greatsword and whack two or three at once. You might use the axe throw ability, or maybe spray some arrows, or snipe them from a distance and have your Predator bow shot create a cloud of sleeping gas with each headshot.

So, yeah, I can think of a lot of ways the game is wonky, but combat ain’t one of them, not for me at least. The only consistent gripe I have is that, like all of these games, it’s too easy to get in a “stick to the obstacle and refuse to jump off” sort of loop when you’re trying to maneuver rapidly around obstacles in combat. I want to jump off that way, not run along the fucking fence, you Norse idiot! Uffda!

England is much better than Norway. My main issues right now are that I don’t care for Eivor and I’m starting to wonder if the game isn’t just a lot more of what I’ve already done, but just in different places. The “endless bowls of oatmeal” problem, so to speak.