Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The bird also is good for finding cave entrances, and when you get close to an “area” objective, it can highlight that. Otherwise, it makes a decent dinner with some new potatoes and wine sauce.\

Dawn or sunset?

I saw a community photo posted in game of Ivarr urinating on (boy) Eivor. It had over a thousand likes.

Only cave entrances the devs have decided to flag as such. There are plenty of cave entrances you’ll have to find on your own.

Agree with the above posts, game is really nice to look at

This game beats the pants off Skyrim for Longhouse flavor. Behold:



If you sit next to someone (as opposed to sit down by yourself), you’ll even drink with them. Here is me drinking with some old lady:

True, but I like that. I like stumbling on caves. Usually the bird helps with ones I would waste time looking for.

And someone tell me, why does Eivor (and Randvi, for that matter) look like she’s the sister of the Hunchback of Notre Dame much of the time. She has this hunched-forward sort of stance that I suppose is meant to make her look aggressive or something, but ends up looking like she has a spinal issue.

The bird is good for getting a… forgive me, bird’s eye view of the area. It’s also handy to orient you, scan around a tall building for alternate entrances, and it highlights (when you hold LT, iirc) things near you like opals (mentioned), ore, and other goodies nearby and let’s you hit A to flag them so they are easier to find in normal human mode.

This is very, very interesting to me.

Thanks for finding that. Very interesting.

According to Ubisoft co-development game director Benoit Richer, the shipped version of Orlog wasn’t always what Ubisoft had in mind. Initially, it played more like a deckbuilding game where players collected unique dice from the world to customise their throws.

Pretty much would’ve been Gwent in Witcher 3 at that point.

Every game-within-a-game since swindlestones in Sorcery! has been downhill from there.

The only valid decorative choice is the gnome.

Am I the only one that still doesn’t get how Orlog works? I just don’t get the instructions.

@tomchick should do a video where he Tomsplains the game of Orlog.

I don’t get it either but I didn’t try too hard tbh. I walked out of the first game and never looked back. There’s some like of mana stealing mechanic but I don’t know why I’d want mana… and not really plussed enough to care.

I only did it once when I had to to get a clue for an Order member.

I play AssCreed games to murder people, not roll dice.


  • Bring the other player to 0 life points.
  • It plays a bit like Yahtzee with added powers.
  • Roll dice 3 times and decide which to keep each time.
  • Arrows and Spears deal damage to the opponent.
  • Shields counter arrows
  • Helmets counter spears
  • The game also lets you accumulate power to invoke a god’s favour. The more opponents you beat, the more powers you will have to pick from.
  • The hand dice help you steal your opponent’s power
  • The strategy varies depending on whether you are going first or last, as the first player’s dice resolve first.

That’s it in a nutshell.

As a boardgame fan, Orlog is a really fun in game activity. Nice break from exploring the next POI on the map.

I’m enjoying Orlog now that I understand how tokens work. You get a token for each die with the red-dashed border, plus you can steal tokens from your opponent. With a large stack of tokens, you can invoke some pretty strong god favors, but if you lose too many tokens during the round, the god favor is not invoked at all.

I like these type of mini-games. I played the heck out of Dominoes in RDR2.

And you get new God favor options by defeating opponents, though you can only bring in three to a game out of the ones you have collected. And some god favor options happen at different points during a round.

This is the real magic trick. I completely overlooked it in the beginning and was struggling big time because of it.

As for powers, I find the standard healing and Thor’s lightning to be all you need. Just bank your tokens until you can nuke the enemy, heal if necessary (usually not required if you’re smart with picking defenses) and you should win by default almost. I initially liked the game but find it a chore now. Tokens are just too powerful, but without them the game would last too long.