Assassin's Creed Valhalla

I agree, I loved the entire game and the other DLC which many people didn’t like but I got part way into Atlantis and just quit because I was bored.

Annoying first mission has a completely different mechanism for clearing a blockade than all the ones in the main game.

Yeah I was actually gonna say how refreshing the Druid DLC is, especilly in comparison to the Odyssey DLC, but in all fairness, I never got around to play it. By the time it released, I had just then finished the entire standard game and was so sick and tired of the fort raids that I couldn’t stand more than the intro to the DLC. When I realized it would be even more of the same, I just couldn’t go on. (Which is such a shame, cause the location is one of my favorite mythological places/legenda ever)

I don’t know if it also helped that it’s been five months since I finished Valhalla, so I got a break from it, but either way, I’m really appreciating how they worked to have this DLC bring something new and interesting to the table.

Eh, I didn’t really notice that, though it’s true. Then again, there are like, what, two maybe “blockades” in the main game you have to clear? This isn’t that different, though I do think the “classic” blockade clearing was kind of neat.

Some free Amazon Prime gaming stuff showing up for this.


Just announced in the Ubisot conference: They’re finally going to add one-handed swords to the game.

Such a crazy thing to omit from a game about Vikings.

Man, finally! Will it matter much, though, this long after release?

Well, there’s a whole extra year of Valhalla support this time around, so yeah, I’d say so.

The Druids DLC was pretty good, so if they deliver another DLC or two like that, that would be excellent.

No clue how far into this I am, it feels like the longest AC game ever, anyway I am about to head to Lunden!

It has a ton or two of content, and those are metric tonnes! I’m replaying it, on Hard, with a male Eivor, and it’s still throwing up things I didn’t see the first time.

Siege of Paris on August 12th. Need to get through Bloodline before then :)

Finally one handed swords! Sword and Axe combo time!

Finished up Lunden this past week, no idea where I am going next after I report back in.

I’ve never bought an AC expansion before and the trailer didn’t do anything to illuminate me. What do AC expansions typically consist of? Is it more story or do they add mechanically to the game?

Looks great

There’s some more story in a new setting plus some tweaks to mechanics.

This one isn’t getting the greatest reviews (I read 2) but the previous one in Ireland was pretty good.

For the past couple of AC games, yes to both, but only in the second DLC. So, for example, in Origins, the first DLC just added more story missions to a small new map area - very optional. In the second Origins DLC, they added roaming mummies and magical mini-bosses. In Odyssey, the first DLC just added more story missions to Greece, but nothing mechanically changed. In the second DLC for Odyssey, Ubi added a whole new fantasy-based map with different enemies and powers.

Oddly, the pattern seems to be disrupted in Valhalla. The main game already has the fantasy map and weird stuff. The Ireland DLC just added more baddies to fight in a new map, but not much else because even the story stuff felt very side-quest optional, if you get my meaning. The Paris DLC apparently adds more essential campaign story, but mechanically adds a return to a more urban setting.

That was helpful, thank you!