Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Hahahaha. The anomalies and the stupid rock-balancing tasks. Hated both of them.

In many, many hours of Valhalla, I completed exactly…zero rock balancing tasks.

One is required by the story, I think?.. it was the first one I’ve found and the only one I’ve solved.

Maybe? I really don’t recall, but if it was early on, I might have. Sure as heck didn’t do the others. Or the “align the mystical stones” stuff. Can never remember how to do those.

Those were fun too :) One of the biggest missed opportunities in Ubigames IMO is that all those things are completely independent. If you had to choose to create a particular shape with ley lines between certain of the standing stones or something, that would be a lot more interesting than 16 standalone versions of the same puzzle.

Speaking of swords, they have another time-limited freebie challenge going. Kill anyone in-game with a one-handed sword and you can claim “Basim’s Sword” in Ubisoft Connect for your game.

The big update hitting next week requires a full reinstall of the game files for future support, including the big expansion coming next year.

Um, yay?

I think that can safely wait until said expansion or something :)

Yikes. That’s painful for people with slow connections.

I wonder if this will be it.

A journo shared this the other day but it’s very light on details:

There’s a new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC coming this December (announcement at TGA?).

There’s also a massive DLC expansion coming in March 2022. It’s expected to be around 40 hours of additional gameplay and will be a “God of War-style” expansion, whatever that means.

Perhaps Assassins Creed Infinite just means they keep adding to Valhalla forever…

I’m quite happy to re-download to have a smaller file-size footprint on my SSD.

This game was the latest in the “Assassin’s Creed game that I find interesting but lose interest in” playlist I have going. If I could just be a Viking and pillage and plunder and not have to worry about AssCreed lore or tropes (or be a Greek, or an Egyptian) I’d think these games were awesome. I’m always drawn in like a sucker, and I always regret it.

I can literally remember 2-3 scenes in the modern day in Odyssey. I think of the 140 hours I put into it, 138.5 were spent in Greece. I don’t think you have to worry much at all about the modern day stuff in these games if you don’t want to.

Probably the premiere of Valhalla’s second batch of DLC/season pass.

Here it is:


Huh. Guess I’m reinstalling Odyssey.