Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Ugh that horrible sliding shelves to unlock doorways mechanic is still in game.

I love how in auto-travel mode you’re a complete asshole, pushing other horses out of the way even though there’s plenty of room on the road.

Nice that they included GPS, even though it hadn’t been invented yet. I only watched the first few minutes. Looks pretty polished already. Very nice. I quit watching when she goes out on the water. I don’t want to spoil what water travel looks like in earlier AC games for myself.

Managed not to watch it, given the chances of my not buying it are pretty close to zero.

The bits I saw looked pretty much the same as Odyssey and Origins though. I suppose it’s too early to hope for much next gen influence. I

It’s pretty much exactly what I expected. It’s Odyssey with a Viking skin.

I’m hopeful I’ll be taking longboats up English rivers at least.

Which is 100% fine by me, honestly.

Another leak I’ll try not to watch :)

If its not a hidden blade take down, I don’t care. :P

Oh look, the thing I hate most in modern AC games.

The total opposite, in fact. The antithesis of a carefully executed assassination is a boss fight against a giant health bar that has to be slowly chipped down with standard attacks in a pre-defined arena.

Well for you the series ended with Syndicate. Buy Hitman…?

Pretty much. The AC series has moved on from that template. It’s now an all-in-one open world adventure action RPG. Stealth takedowns are only for mooks patrolling in forts or caves.


Sadness, I’ll still buy it though. Because Vikings!

There should still be the one hit kill, say as the ultimate perk on one branch of the skill tree. Godstabber.

Then I could play with my automatic assault bow and we’d all be happy :)

Nope, 95% of each game is still great (frankly much better than the later games in the “real” series), and then there’s this shit.

Does anyone actually like boss fights like this? I mean, it’s the same thing over and over again. Dodge, chip away, dodge, chip away. There’s not nearly enough variety in the combat system to make fighting a giant ball of hitpoints interesting. Mind you, that’s true in most games with boss fights.

That would be a lovely solution.

100% agreed on both points. In Odyssey, the stupid mythical creature questline was the worst part of the game, but at least it was optional.

I really appreciate that Odyssey (almost?) never made you do this kind of thing. The mandatory giant snake fight in Origins damn near put me off the series entirely.

Part of the reason I’m disappointed to see that in a leak is that I thought they were reducing the number/importance of these kinds of fights from Origins to Odyssey and was hoping to see that trend continue.

On the other hand, the battles are almost as bad.

Origins had the horrible war elephant battles, ugh they were so bad. Who seriously thought a fight like that would be fun?

I got halfway through one of those (was winning it) and wandered off because I was bored. At least they were optional.

I killed all the war elephants because achievement.