Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Yeah, that part’s TBD. Hopefully we’ll see shortly. I just want to know what my hunting hawk is called and whether it gets companion quests.

Ain’t gonna be hawk, it’s going to be a raven.

Another AC-themed RPG. Am so sad. Go back, Ubi.

Yes, the Saxons preferred fortified towns

This is funny.

Also another guy that don’t want the modern stuff in Assasin Creed games ;-)

What about Apples of Eden? :D

Is AC even trying to be somewhat realistic still? But yeah, this sort of game is going to suck for people who care about that kind of “detail”, and it’s smart that they don’t show the top of the helmet, cause’ somebody’s gonna get pissed, one way or the other.

I think they are. The Discovery mode in the last two games that they tailored for schools is a testament to that. (I haven’t played the last two games, but I’ve “played” a little of the discovery mode in Origins).

Right. I don’t know how much we should read into that particular promo image re specifics.

The king in the trailer signs “Alfred”, so it seems set in the Saxon Stories timeline at least. ;)

Wow, that was sooooooo good. The details on the faces was amazing in some scenes, I thought I was looking at live action.

Here’s just the youtube link in case people don’t want to go the ubisoft site to see it.

I think that has to go in the thread for awesome game trailers. I think that’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Well, they sure like the Vikings show, so there is that at least! Its pretty much a copy of the intro to that show. The battle, at least.

Lot of emphasis on big battles in that trailer. Not much emphasis on exploration shown…

It’s not listed as a Uplay title yet. Watch Dogs Legion is…

Also this:

So the rumors of a summer release were wrong.

This part kind of reminds me of the coming Dying Light 2, and it’s emphasis on choice and consequences maybe?

That would be interesting - sounds like they added some persistence to the the Kingdom battles in Odyssey. Not really an aspect I want to spend to much time on. Maybe there’s some For Honor in there now.

Their King Alfred has a little of Uhtred’s accent too. Must have spent more time with him in that season I haven’t seen yet :)

Also not seen in the trailer, that I could tell: motte and bailey castles (which are what lots of us I think have in mind when we think of “castles”, because the Normans built maybe a thousand of them in England after 1066).

Really? Zero gameplay?

I just can’t get excited by CGI trailers. Great, you showed me a movie. But you’re making a game.

Ugh. Give me AI helpers any day.

I enjoy both. The Dead Island trailer, for instance, is brilliant even though it shows no gameplay. On the other hand, I love the Rockstar trailers that have a narrator and show tons of gameplay.

One thing I really loved in this one is the juxtaposition between the narrator (the King, we find out later) and the actions on the screen, the contrast between the two, which leads very nicely into the battle. It sets up a good guy-bad guy dynamic very quickly in a short trailer where you’re taking sides as the viewer.

Yeah, I like the “suggestion” of Norse divinity there. Did he see Odin or not? Or did he just really want to see Odin? And oh, look: raven. HAS TO BE!