Assassin's Creed Valhalla

I hope it brings more wolf shirts.

Have you folks played Odyssey and Origins? I’ve never been interested in this series but just played Odyssey and loved it. Is Origins worth a play for me?

If you loved Odyssey you will at least like Origins.

I feel Odyssey is superior to Origins. I enjoyed Origins when I played it, but really loved Odyssey.

I can see myself going back and replaying Odyssey, I can’t say the same for Origins. I found Kassandra a more enjoyable protagonist than the major character in Origins.

My take as well. The actress for Kassandra is just fantastic.

Origins has a way better setting imho vs Odyssey.

I loved Odysseh, but never finished Origins. They really took the good stuff from Origins and tweaked it for the better, both in Odyssey and Valhalla. You might still enjoy it, but be prepared for a little let down :)
I will go back to it after this and finish it though, just for craving some more lore.

I did all of the story areas in england and Vinland, then finished Asgard and Jotunland, then went back to Norway with Sigurd.

I’ve been fiddling around cleaning up the last few things here and there and this latest patch is absolute crap on PC. Crashes everywhere, broken lip-sync on cut-scenes, etc… Whatever they did, it made things worse not better.

I definitely notice the lip-sync issue. And occasionally the voice dialog will completely drop out, requiring a restart, but that’s pretty rare.

Overall my biggest complaint with this game is the annoying block of text covering my Orlog dice when I’m trying to decide my God power.


I have now gotten the bow from the method described. I feel dirty but also triumphant.

Haha, I did notice that in most cutscenes after the last upgrade, characters stopped moving their lips alltogether. Other than that, they neatly fixed up ALL the bugs I’ve had previously.

I felt weird about going to get Thor’s Hammer. Given that it’s such a powerful weapon, why is it hidden in the least place anyone would ever go after finishing the game? It really makes no sense to me.
Finding the Excalibur was at least a bit story driven, reading som clues and notes plus an actual cave that is marked on the map.

I don’t get it, are we supposed to get the bow through a later DLC? Lol, why did they put it there if they didn’t “intend” anyone to get it

Completed everything now, by the way. The only thing I have left on my map is two stone cairns that I can’t for the life of me complete, and two altars (I got tired of fishing).

Oh, and a bunch of hoard maps.

Still; this is what my codex says;

Anyone else? Or did I miss something? :/

I could easily have missed some remote part of a corner of the world that would be a location, but factions and an important character? How!

I cannot get HDR properly working on my LG CX9 [email protected] PC. It’s just too dark/dim. Does anybody else have experienced this? There are some posts on reddit speaking of broken HDR. But if so it should be fixed by now I’d imagine.


If you don’t want to click through Reddit to watch a 10-minute video to finally get to the solution, it’s below.

You have to hit that island rock with Excalibur precisely at sunset to get bow.

Honestly, the cheat method sounds better.

Just started this the other day. I’m like 7 hours in and still in Norway lol.