Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft are starting to turn this into the game I want this to be - Assassin’s Creed: New Horizons. But they lock all the cosmetic stuff behind micro transactions which is so annoying.

So how do you… combat… in Valhalla? I’m like level 120 (or power or whatever) and realize that i don’t combat at all. Basically, i never use any abilities and never parry, i just dodge, shoot arrows, and hit with light attacks. It seems like all the combat abilities suck and/or don’t do what i need/want them to do, so i don’t bother using them. But really, how do you parry in Valhalla, that’s the more specific question. Parrying was easy in Odyssey. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to parry here. I think in the power level 120 times i’ve been playing, i’ve never successfully parried once, and now i can’t even remember what i’m supposed to do.

Also it seems like after not playing for a few months, the game has reset all my equipment? I only have like 3 pieces of armor each now? When i started it back up again, I started “naked”, with the unequip sound, and a ton of resources being banked out of nowhere.

Parrying depends on your weapon. Shields are supposed to be better at it. In terms of controls it’s LB I think.

I liked the combat but it suffers from unskippable animations.

In Odyssey and Valhalla there are three types of enemy attacks, normal, “gold” parry-able, and “red” unblockable. But in Odyssey when you see the gold “flash” to show there’s a parry-able attack, you mash the parry buttons, and parry. In Valhalla, the flash and the parry seem to have no relationship at all; i think you still have to wait for the animation to get close enough to you. I think. I basically can’t parry gold attacks even with scrub, no level enemies. But the parry timing seems to have nothing to do with the gold flash. So, i’m not sure why there is a gold flash at all anymore.

On the PC, parry is Q (or it is for me, can’t recall if I altered the keybindings). I agree it can be touchy, but I generally don’t have that much problem parrying normal attacks, or even gold ones. The -on parry abilities are pretty strong in the game, so it’s a nice skill to master.

My go to combat is Warhammer heavy attack which knocks down the enemy then stomp. That kills 90% of regular enemies, the other 10% need a light attack to finish off the sliver of health left. The stomp animation is invincible so good to use if surrounded.

I am back to playing this, grabbed it during the recent Ubi Easter Sale for 25% off the game +20% off entire cart deal.

Picked up where I left off just before Oswald’s Wedding.. Also it seems they have some kind of Easter event going on I don’t care about. :)

27% completion so far. And I am power level 109.

Druid expansion delayed into May. Shame. I associate delays with crappy quality on release now. Looking forward to further Eivoring all the same.

So much Ubi-stuff, I am barely 40% done with the campaign.

That day job’s holding you back!

Damn right! I need to win the lotto, then I can go a viking!

With seven people working full-time just on lighting…

I love those people.

Looks pretty good, ugh I am so far behind in playing this, I think my main campaign is at like 47%

No one knows ‘oo they were or…
…what they were doin’.
But their legacy remains, 'ewn into the living rock of Stonehenge…

Looks fab. Cyberpunk dispatched today, just in time :)

But Disco Elysium looking at me with raised eyebrows :(

But will it be trampled on by dwarves?

Finally! I finished Valhalla on my PS4, really looking forward to kicking the DLC off on a PS5 =)