Assassins Creed - What a rush

Since i’m finally able to keep my COD4 addiction in check somewhat, i’ve found some time for AC. I find myself really liking the game though it has many flaws. Last night i had one of the biggest rushes in gaming for a long time. I try to get to all the vantage points to unlock the free missions in every city and last night i spent what felt like an hour getting to the top of the big church in Acre (down by the harbour).

After finally finding a way to the top and killing the guards i climb the ridiculously high spire and synchronize. I spend a few moments looking around Acre and enjoy the sight and then i take a leap of faith off the tower. Now, this tower is probably twice if not three times the height of the others and as i dive down i find myself screaming “Whooooooa” all the way down as i get an immense feeling of speed and the ground comes at me at a hundred miles an hour. Then i of course land in a cart filled with hay and walk away like it was nothing. It’s these little moments that make me love this game.

Yeah, thats the most fun you’ll have in the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I love AC, and I can’t wait for the sequels, but… Yeah, it was a little light on non-repetitive content.

Agreed, that’s what i hope they fix for the sequel.

I’m finding that if I play for an hour or two every couple days, the repetition doesn’t bother me so much – I’ll go through a city, save a bunch of citizens, skip across the rooftops, kill crusaders, maybe do some investigations, and stop when it feels like I’m repeating myself.

If I was trying to finish the game in a smaller number of much longer settings, it’d probably get really irritating.

same here, I’ve been putting in a couple hours every day, its not bad, but if I were trying to play through in one sitting, I’d kill myself. as it is, I get just what I need out of the game

They’ve already said they’re adding in a four new mission types for the PC “Director’s Cut” edition. I’m hoping those are peers to the synchronize points and save-the-peasant activities.

Because the lead-gathering activities, while not great, were at least is smaller quantities each and mixed up well enough to not need to be dilluted as badly.

I hope they make combat more challenging. Holding block and countering gets old fast. It doesn’t bother you at first as you can still appreciate the 10 or so stock (and really cool) animations. It’s a weird scale-down in combat difficulty as you near the end of the game compared to other games where combat usually gets harder.

It’s not a fighting game.

But it is a game with a lot of fighting.

Sure. But it’s not a fighting game. So making the combat get progressively more difficult doesn’t make sense, as that’s not what the game is about.

Comment makes no sense. Have you actually finished the game?

Even better: I made it.

Ok then, but you are basically saying that it’s alright for combat to be boring and repetitive since that’s not the main focus of the game. Maybe if I had to engage in combat a little less then I could perhaps agree with that. If it’s not a fighting game, why the unlocking new fighting skills mechanic?

Very very few people actually found combat boring or repetitive. You are in a fairly small minority.

The unlocking fighting skills was added after the fact. Originally you were supposed to start with all the skills.

Six assassinations into the game and I have lost steam. Love the game setting but bored now. Is it worth finishing?

The endgame is a whole lot of bullshit leading to complete anticlimax, so you won’t miss a great deal, though I’d still recommend playing up to assassination 8 or so. Then again, I didn’t really get bored until aforementioned endgame, at which point I wondered–any gamer wonders this frequently–why it is that developers actually seem to hate us when deciding how to end their games.

One suggestion from a friend: make combat easier for button-mashers like him. :-)

Uhm hold down right trigger and press X. How much easier does he want it :)

Why can’t developers ever get it right? Like, I hated the Grand Theft Auto games because the helicopter crash physics were totally unrealistic.

Wow. Normally the termed “pwned” is overused. Here it is a study in understatement. This should be the example for “PWNED” in Urban Dictionary. </golfclap>