Astrid is dead

…if you were using it to manage tasks. Yahoo bought them out and is now shutting them down.

I was using it a while ago. Switched when Yahoo acquired since their MO right now is buying companies for HR purposes and shutting down the previous product.

Now I’m using Google Keep and it works pretty well.

Don’t know that I’d trust Google for the long haul either, with their recent history :)

I use Google Keep for quick lists/notes and Google Tasks (sync with “Tasks” app by Team Tasks on my Android phone) for more organized To Do lists.

I suggest switching to simplenotes for notes. It’s free and cross-platform, with a decent windows app (resophnotes) and several extremely good OSX apps (notational velocity et al). Also of course android and iOS apps.

If you need rich text, attachments, OCR, etc, evernote is the obvious choice. I use simplenotes because it’s streamlined and fast.

How does Simplenote compare to Evernote, aside from being cheaper (for premium) and allowing third-party clients? The native Evernote clients are already pretty good, are Simplenote’s better?

I switched to for cross-platform.

Simplenote only does text. It’s very fast. Evernote does… everything.