Astroneer - survive, explore and build in a low-poly galaxy


Rover time!


1.0 has been announced as a December 2018 release:


I am guessing that the game is almost done except for a few minor content and balancing pieces. So how is the game so far? Any recommendations?


Loved it when I first played, but there wasn’t a ton to do. Think they’ve added a lot since then. Really should give it a go again. If the thought of a relatively low-stress survival game with a lot of collection and exploration on procedurally generated worlds sounds good to you, it is definitely worth a look.


I feel like I should get into this again.

Wait. What? Yes Battletech? No no. I was just kidding.

Gotta go.


.90 went live in July.



This will be the final early access update before 1.0!

As a gift to everyone who supported us throughout development, a new suit has been added to the game! This “Retro” suit is exclusively for Early Access players of Astroneer as a thanks for your ideas, bug reports, feedback, and encouragement. Anyone who owns the game before 1.0 will receive the “Retro” suit, and we have no plans for making it available to post 1.0 players. Thanks so much for your support thus far!


Roadmap has post 1.0 goals:


General consensus on the product at this time is…?


Is this more like No Man’s Sky - exploration as the main pull? Or is there more to building / challenges / story (?) side of the game?


I haven’t fired it up in several months, but it was always fun when I did. Every (very regular) update added to and polished the framework that was there.

In the last certain I played there was NO story. It’s completely a sandbox. I don’t think they have any lands on adding one, either.


My impression is that it’s not so much a Kerbal Space Program or Minecraft but more like a colony-building game. Is that accurate?


More like Minecraft, but with more research and building pre-made structures.


Not exactly. Though I haven’t played in ages, it’s more like a low-key survival game. You run around, gather resources, use them to make devices that let you manufacture vehicles and all sorts of things. Then you can go visit other planets with various kinds of hazards and such.

Closest thing I’ve played would be dragon-quest builders, minus the combat

Full release on Feb 6


But is building / survival more important / developed? I found NMS almost singular focus on the joy of exploration boring quickly. Subnautica has the perfect balance of these elements IMO. Where does this game fit comparatively?


Tough to say. This was a survivalish game I had fun playing, and normally I find them too stressful. That’s why I said low-key. At the time, there wasn’t a huge amount to do beyond a certain point, but I know they have added a lot more since then.


How is this one as a couch game with controller?


It plays fine with controller. It’s the way I’ve been playing it 90% of the time. If you buy it on the Xbox or Windows store, you also get it on the other platform for free (and it lets you do multi player between the pc and Xbox with that one copy if you have additional family accounts on the Xbox).


I like it with the controller- I play on Xbox.

And I’ll agree with @Misguided- the survival bits are pretty low-key. I turn that tedious busywork down or off in these sorts of games whenever I can (Subnautica, Conan, ARK), and here it’s really just oxygen (which linings you explore distance), and then once you get vehicles that becomes moot, pretty much.