Astroneer - survive, explore and build in a low-poly galaxy


I bought it on Xbone on sale a month or so back, and kicked it around for a few days. I’ll check this new update out soon. Sounds like fun!


Yeah, agreed.


The news I am waiting for is a fixed the performance problems.

My problem is that I loved playing it, then made some large exploration efforts, but the more I explored, the slower it made the game, to a point I had to stop playing. It seems the game had problems with all the “pilons” you deploy while extending the area you can explore.


I thought they already fixed that.


yeah, that was improved almost immediately.


Oh look an update is incoming!


So at this rate, perhaps it should be out by 2030. I have had this on my wish list a long time, along with a lot of other EA titles. They just never seem to get done.


Huh. I have the opposite view- of all the EA games I have on Xbox, this is updated the most regularly by far. Seriously, they put out at least one update a month, sometimes more it seems like. Contrast with Subnautica or We Happy Few (every 3-4 months if you’re lucky). I do tend to skip an update or so before firing it up and seeing what’s new, but I like the direction it’s going.


Research update!


On sale for 15.99 until January 4. Worth it at this price?


I’ve been having fun with it on Xbox Game Preview- it’s a very relaxing sort of game. I don’t play every update (which happen pretty regularly), but do kick it around for a few days every few months.

This update looks to be substantial, reworking some of the interface that’s always been kind of clunky, so it looks like a good time to dive back in.

I know the game is Play Anywhere, so saves/progress transfer between console and PC, but I don’t think it’s cross-play, which is a shame.


I had forgotten all about this. I should get back into it, but… POE… abysses.


So I just clicked through and read the patch notes, then launched the game, deleted all my old saves and kicked it around for a bit.

Something that I didn’t get from watching the video is that this patch signals the switch from pre-Alpha to Alpha. The gameplay loop is largely done, from here until beta they’ll just be adding more stuff and a few systems, but this is now pretty much how the game will play.

The new method of research seemed somewhat grindy at first- you use points to unlock the blueprints you want (which is good!), instead of the old way of just getting random 'prints when you research. The problem is there are basic prints that cost 3000 or more points, and the first few objects I tried to research gave me like 40 or 200. Then I got an object out of a cave that gave me 2100, so it seems it rewards exploration (though this could just be random). Still, it takes time and a constant source of power to extract those points now, though the more power you send into the system, the faster it goes (‘overclocking’, heh). All in all, it seems like a nice change.

Their roadmap basically says now they’ve got the system they’ll be using worked out, they’ll be shifting the other base modules to this power model, then just adding content- new planets and gear, new hazards (more kind of weather and hostile flora). It runs pretty smooth on my OG Xbone (no X), but I haven’t gotten to vehicles yet. We’ll see.


Looking at their roadmap, it will be a summer 2018 release of 1.0.


Bleh. I actually love that the game is so relaxing because nothing is trying to bite your face off (a few puffs of acid is the most you have to worry about). Not sure I’m looking forward to more aggressive flora and fauna.

Apart from that, this game is awesome. We all play and enjoy it chez Wendelius. The cross platform play is a nice added bonus.


It does bill itself as a survival game and there’s really not very many challenges to speak of. Sure, you can fall or suffocate or get whacked by a rock during a storm but it’s easy to avoid these dangers. I think the game needs a dose of aggression and tension because it gets rather stale once you learn all the techs and discover everything. There isn’t really any base building to speak of either unless you include shaping colored dirt in that arena.

I’d like to see more creepy aliens come at you at night but also have the ability to build up defenses to keep them at bay. Something else to do other than grind resources for bytes…


That’s fair. Mind you, you can make up your own challenges. Like not reading that the ore in front of you is the element you need right now and just running past it. ;)

The one thing I fear is it turning into yet another identikit survival experience. I do like that it feels different.

We were glad to see you revisit the game as your videos from a year ago are those that initially prompted me to get it (when we watched them a couple of weeks ago).


Oh sure, I agree the game is what you make of it but it still seems to be missing the mark with tension. Doesn’t have to be hardcore survival, just a few more things to keep you on your toes and more reasons and things to build, like base defenses.

Since you watch my videos (thanks!) then you know I’m pretty good at making up my own challenges. In fact, I often go out of my way to create dramatic sequences by taking unnecessary (foolish!) risks just to ratchet up a notch.


The base building update has dropped. It looks really cool:

Expect lots of boxes on the floor if you open an existing world.

Love the look of the 3d printer and the fact that we can now rearrange the layout of our bases to our heart’s content.


This is looking good! Can’t wait for it to come out of EA so I can break my self-imposed boycott of it.