Astroneer - survive, explore and build in a low-poly galaxy


Just got this. Learning. Like the look. YMMV.


I really like it. There’s plenty to do for a while. Looking forward to more stuff getting added.


I’ve not played No Man’s Sky, but I have watched a lot of videos. Does Astroneer feel like what NMS wanted to be?


Somewhat. I find the moment to moment gameplay in Astroneer more interesting because you have to build up a base to operate from, which can be a bit of a challenge when setting up on a new planet, even if you are well-prepared. In NMS, there was no reason to stay anywhere for any length of time.

So, I think the potential is there, but it’s still too early to say how successful it will be long term.


I would say no, it just feels like a slight variation on No Man’s Sky.

I played it for about eight hours and feel I completely exhausted Astroneer, where’s as No Man’s Sky I’ve played 32 hours and intend to go back and play some more. Not a totally fair comparison, but there’s really not much to Astroneer (at this point) once you get past the aesthetic and UI design. Wait and check back in a year I’d say.


Started playing this, and I am 100% addicted. I started playing without looking at a wiki and the game is solid enough so I can figure everything by myself, and is incredible rewarding. Very happy about the game :D


I didnt like it the first time I tried it … just seemed silly and childish…then I went back and started running tethers and adding to my base … and it was 3 hours later and I decided I’m a child!


I feel it is poignant in a way. Because there are no enemies, so you can freely explore around, but the risk is overextending then getting hit by a storm or a hostile enviromental hazard. The game is saying, “The world is huge and beautiful and your life is fragile”.

Anyway I am starting to see the places where kinda maybe it would be better a finished game (if that thing exist with sandbox games), and I have found a few things that I don’t understand, so I will be forced to seek help online.


Don’t own it yet, but I see they are updating it regularly, anyone playing?


Haven’t played it in a while. I really liked what was there before, but the content was quite limited. More stuff to research will certainly help.


I bought it on Xbone on sale a month or so back, and kicked it around for a few days. I’ll check this new update out soon. Sounds like fun!


Yeah, agreed.


The news I am waiting for is a fixed the performance problems.

My problem is that I loved playing it, then made some large exploration efforts, but the more I explored, the slower it made the game, to a point I had to stop playing. It seems the game had problems with all the “pilons” you deploy while extending the area you can explore.


I thought they already fixed that.


yeah, that was improved almost immediately.


Oh look an update is incoming!


So at this rate, perhaps it should be out by 2030. I have had this on my wish list a long time, along with a lot of other EA titles. They just never seem to get done.


Huh. I have the opposite view- of all the EA games I have on Xbox, this is updated the most regularly by far. Seriously, they put out at least one update a month, sometimes more it seems like. Contrast with Subnautica or We Happy Few (every 3-4 months if you’re lucky). I do tend to skip an update or so before firing it up and seeing what’s new, but I like the direction it’s going.


Research update!


On sale for 15.99 until January 4. Worth it at this price?