At last, a new way to play Marvel vs. Capcom

Title At last, a new way to play Marvel vs. Capcom
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When October 17, 2011

After nine months, one $40 follow-up, and DLC for the $40 follow-up, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will get something Mortal Kombat had the instant it was released. The downloadable Heroes and Heralds add-on, which will supposedly be available when Ultimate Marvel vs..

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To be fair, it's my understanding that while it's 99% the same assets as the first release of Dead Rising 2, they've been moved around and otherwise altered. Which certainly doesn't sound worth $40 to me (I'm not sure I'd even pay $10, though I guess we'll see), but it's something that does seem to be popular in some segments of the gaming populace. Witness the strange craving people have for Ocarina of Time: Master Quest, which is Ocarina of Time with stuff in different places.

The ending of the vid was an homage to this:

I'm not sure when the shuffling is supposed to kick in, but the first few quests and survivors are exactly the same as they are in Dead Rising 2. I know there's a new zone later in the game, but it's pretty disheartening that the opening hours are pretty much exactly the same as the base game. :(

The sad thing is this release might kill a much bettter game coming out the following week (King of Fighters XIII). That one is looking really promising, and you might like it in particular, given your opinions on Blazblue.

Not sure if you realise this, Tom, but this DLC will be free.

Not that I'm defending Capcom's DLC policy in general. If Jill and Shuma aren't included in UMvC3 then I might have to give it a pass just on principle.

I really like the free roam mode in Dead Rising 2. It uses the same stuff as the first but it's retooled.

It's been said that they aren't. (Reasoning: to not rip off the folks who bought it earlier)

I don't have a problem with DLC characters all that much- especially in sprite fighters like BB and KOF, where it takes a lot of effort to make a character.